% Coconut Americano is Now Available at All % Arabica Bali Stores 

Japanese sense of beauty – % Arabica celebrates its Japanese roots by highlighting the culture’s hardworking, simplistic, and functional ideologies. Baristas are encouraged to work with Teinei (being mindful of your surroundings) and not waste a single movement or moment in their workflow.

Every cup of coffee served must be made to the best of their abilities to showcase the quality of every component in the cup and show to customers the dedication of every member of the global team that played their part in bringing % Arabica to Indonesia and other countries worldwide. 

About Ateria Group 

The goal of Ateria is to enrich the lives of Indonesian consumers through a well-curated selection of global brands. As a tech-enabled, AI-integrated, multi-brand lifestyle F&B operator, Ateria’s team of dedicated professionals is committed to serving consumers with life-changing dining experiences utilizing the latest technological advances. 

Ateria operates SaladStop!, % Arabica, Meatsmith, Meatsmith Xpress, Grains of Glory, Revive Smoothies in Indonesia with hopes of expanding to 150 brand locations by the end of 2022. 

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