A Journey of Taste, Tradition and Transformation

Planted in the heart of Bali, Syrco Basè is a culinary hub that seamlessly intertwines Indonesian roots and nature. Here, ingredients carry purpose and find meaning on plates while crafting an artisanal and meaningful culinary journey across our three distinctive dining concepts.

A ground-breaking culinary platform, Syrco Basè emerges as a vibrant tapestry of flavors, culture, and community, poised to redefine the dining experience in Bali. Helmed by renowned two Michelin-starred chef Syrco Bakker, Syrco Base is set to captivate epicureans and seekers of immersive culinary experiences.

Unveiling a Vision

Syrco Basè transcends the confines of traditional dining establishments, ushering in a new era of gastronomy. It weaves together the essence of cooking, innovation, community, and shared experiences into a seamless tapestry of culinary artistry. Rooted in the heart of Bali, the platform is a testament to Syrco Bakker’s journey, fusing Dutch and Indonesian heritage with an unwavering commitment to the finest local produce.

Culinary Philosophy: From Seed to Sensation

The foundation of Syrco Basè rests on three guiding principles:


Each ingredient tells a story. Syrco Bakker and his team are in constant dialogue with farmers, fishers, and other local suppliers, ensuring that the journey from source to plate is one of respect and integrity.


Nature dictates the narrative of every dish. The menu is an ever-evolving ode to the seasons, celebrating the bounty of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

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