Jimbaran Puri, A Belmond Hotel, Bali Hosts Exhibition by Balinese Artist, Gede Sukarya

Continuing its commitment to empowering local communities and preserving Balinese culture, Jimbaran Puri, A Belmond Hotel, Bali proudly welcomes emerging Balinese artist, Gede Sukarya, whose works are inspired by local iconographies and customs in a Celebration of Art & Culture exhibition at the hotel. His exquisite artworks will be showcased from 4th – 10th September 2023.

Born in the ancient village of Bulian in Buleleng, Sukarya’s propensity to the arts was influenced by the austere village surroundings. He studied at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Indonesian Arts Institute, where he actively explored numerous mediums before he came across cowhide as his principal way of working. By utilizing this material, he generates an unexplored perspective from a medium closely related to tradition. 


Sukarya’s primary artistic tool holds significant value in Balinese Hindu rituals, traditionally crafted into decorative features such as Barong, Rangda and Wayang, each representing notable figures in the Balinese culture. Honouring the spiritual essence, Sukarya uses untanned cowhides sourced from local craftsmen, taking a contemporary perspective and challenging viewers’ imagination beyond the obvious. 

Through a contemporary perspective on Balinese art, Sukarya meticulously transforms the intricacies of traditional crafts into a form that resonates with present realities. This approach allows art connoisseurs to delve deep beyond the obvious and discover profound meanings that lie within each intricacy of his craftsmanship in the construct of fantastical illusions and engaging experiences. 

Among the pieces showcased, are the leather puppets, thoughtfully projected onto walls with white lighting and wooden poles. These intricate pieces each carry symbolism representing myths synonymous with the enchanting nature of the island, fostering an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living beings. 

Encouraging guests to learn and appreciate the Balinese artistry, Jimbaran Puri invites guests for a sunset session with Gede Sukarya on 5th September, where he will share his knowledge about the customs and culture of Bali as well as the classic Balinese art technique named seni tatah, an age-old chisel technique used to make sacred effigies of Barong, Rangda and Wayang, but with his own contemporary twist.

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