Amankila & Amandari, Bali, Welcome a Taste of Kyoto 

An exquisite culinary collaboration that promises to elevate the dining experience at two of its iconic resorts in Bali, Aman is pleased to announce a restaurant takeover from Aman Kyoto’s Taka-An at Amandari and Amankila this September. 

Showcasing the exquisite Kaiseki style, bespoke menus at each location will be crafted by renowned Executive Chef Shinichiro Takagi, offering a rare opportunity to savour the flavours of Japanese culinary mastery in the serene setting of East Bali and Ubud. Bringing together two distinct cultures to create a memorable epicurean adventure, Amankila, located in East Bali, will host an unforgettable dining experience between 4 – 5 September 2023. 

Aman Kyoto, Japan – Chef Taka-An

Savour the fusion of traditional Japanese delicacies with a touch of Balinese charm as Amankila’s Restaurant is transformed into a culinary haven where Chef Takagi will intertwine the traditional Kaiseki philosophy with the region’s bountiful seafood and sea salt, creating a symphony of flavours that pay homage to the vibrant culinary heritage of the island. 

Aman Kyoto, Japan – Taka-An Dish

From 7 – 8 September 2023, Chef Takagi will showcase his culinary artistry in enchanting Ubud at Amandari. Providing a feast for the senses, embark on a gastronomic journey as his menu seamlessly blends the principles of Japanese cuisine with the fresh seasonal vegetables from Ubud, celebrating the region’s natural abundance and cultural significance placed on ingredients. 

“We are delighted to bring the culinary experience of Taka-An to Bali. Embracing the essence of Japanese culture, we hope transport Aman Kyoto’s gastronomic prowess through sublime cuisine to both Amankila and Amandari. Through this restaurant takeover, we are excited to provide guests with an unforgettable  dining experience which we hope will leave an impression of a lifetime,” said Chef Takagi. 

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