The 2nd Black Box Battle at The Alana Hotel & Convention Center, Solo 

Archipelago International, the largest hotel management company in Southeast Asia, proudly held the “Black Box Battle” event which is Archipelago International’s flagship Food & Beverage (F&B) Program. The program invites F&B leaders, executive chefs and head chefs to participate and showcase their culinary skills in serving food and drinks with surprising ingredients.

Archipelago Black Box Battle will feature a series of competitions held in various regions, including Jabodetabek, Joglo Semar, West Java, East Java, and Bali.

The Black Box Battle event took place on Thursday, 15 June 2023, at The Alana Hotel & Convention Center – Solo. Participants in the Black Box Battle consisted of 16 F&B leaders and 14 Executive Chefs from the Joglo Semar area. F&B leaders and Executive Chefs are enthusiastically invited to showcase their talents and join this exciting culinary event.

The Winner of Archipelago Black Box Battle at The Alana Hotel & Convention Center Solo

Through this program, Archipelago International wants to introduce and appreciate the talents of F&B professionals, so that they can hone their creativity and skills in processing food and beverage products. This competition is expected to show potential and also help create high quality food and beverage products, which in turn offer a potential menu that can be displayed in hotels under the auspices of Archipelago International.

This competition tested contestants to present their specialties using secret ingredients hidden in mysterious black boxes. This exciting twist tested their creativity, adaptability and mastery of taste. Participants had the opportunity to showcasing their culinary skills and create innovative dishes and drinks that highlight the essence of Indonesian cuisine.

Press Conference, Food Battle & Beverage Battle of Archipelago Black Box Battle at The Alana Hotel & Convention Center Solo,

Black Box Battle promised to inspire an experience for both participants and spectators. Culinary aficionados can look forward to witnessing the extraordinary talents of F&B leaders, executive chefs and head chefs as they unveil their gastronomic creations in this one-of-a-kind event.

1st Winner of Food Battle 

“We are very pleased to introduce the Black Box Battle program as part of Archipelago International’s commitment to showcasing culinary excellence. This unique competition not only highlight the talent of F&B leaders and chefs, but also promote Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage. We look forward to witnessing creativity and innovation which revealed as the contestants show off their skills with mysterious materials,” said John Flood, CEO & President of Archipelago International.

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