It’s Summer Truffle Season at Le Quartier

Le Quartier serves summer truffles to patrons through a selection of its mouthwatering dishes.

Le Quartier is bringing Summer Truffles to its customers for a limited time only. Guests may enjoy this exquisite delicacy on its menu, specially flown from Umbria, Italy. Summer Truffle, also commonly known as Scorzone in Italy, is a truffle mushroom variety that mainly grows in Southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain) and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary) between April and August—hence the name.

The premium mushroom contains a subtle aroma and has a mild, delicate flavor reminiscent of porcini mushrooms mixed with garlic, chocolate, and hazelnut nuances.

“We are excited to introduce Summer Truffle to our beloved patrons. It is an exclusive and premium seasonal cooking ingredient in some parts of Europe. Its aroma resembles a wild mushroom, while the flavor has subtle hazelnut and forest mushroom notes. We believe it will offer a new dining experience for our patrons,” said Chris Janssens, chef-owner of Le Quartier. To achieve the best dining experience, Le Quartier also suggests the dishes be paired with Champagne, Chardonnay, Bordeaux, or Barolo wines.

The Summer Truffle is offered at the restaurant per 5 grams, and guests can add it to any dish available on Le Quartier’s extensive menu. After the order, the mushroom will be shaved directly in front of the guests to the guests’ liking.

Le Quartier

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About Le Quartier

Located in the heart of Senopati district of South Jakarta, Le Quartier is a fine European dining place born in France with Italy, Dutch, Belgian, and Spanish influence. Opened in 2013, the restaurant presents a comfortable dining room with warm service that combines hospitality, understanding, sincerity, compassion, and kindness.

Le Quartier has been recognized as a place to create new memories, connect with friends and family over hearty cuisine, and welcome everyone to be part of the journey.

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