The Art of Croissant is PAUL’s Take on a Classic Croissant with an Innovative Twist

PAUL introduces its newest campaign “The Art of Croissant”, incorporating new trends into their classic recipe. Introducing four new flavours that will offer a unique experience and inspired by the preference of Indonesians.

PAUL is certainly renowned for its high-quality croissants, from butter croissant, pain au chocolat, or almond croissant. It’s common for bakers to experiment with different flavours and ingredients when making a croissant and PAUL is no exception.

”Through the new campaign – The Art of Croissant, PAUL continues to innovate and experiment with new ideas while still honouring the classic croissant recipe. We believe our customers will be excited to try this new variations, that still positions PAUL’s authenticity at the forefront of the campaign,” said Stephanie Michelle, Head of Marketing PAUL.

The simple fact that most of the ingredients needed for making Paul’s pastry are flown straight from France truly adds to its authenticity. Therefore, whether you are in France or Indonesia, the taste and flavour profile will remain the same.

Croissant Coconut Coffee 

It sounds like you will enjoy a unique combination of flavour in your coffee. Croissants are a popular pastry that originated in France, while the notes of coconut will add to a familiar and tropical twist that Indonesians are fond of. The croissant itself is flaky and buttery, and the coffee filling provide a rich and creamy contrast to the already flaky croissant pastry, with the addition of slight crunch from the dried coconut flakes. 

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