Subway Sub-Mer Break

Refreshing summertime menu from Subway

In preparation for summer, Subway introduces its newest campaign, Sub-Mer Break, which offers two food options and one refreshing beverage to enjoy. These menu items are perfect for those who want to enjoy a tasty meal during the summer season, particularly those who love seafood, chicken, or spicy flavors.

“To ensure that our guests always have an enjoyable experience when consuming Subway, we continue to develop new and fresh menus. You may enjoy Subway with a diverse selection rather than just the same menu all the time. This menu falls under Limited Time Offer (LTO) category; thus, it will only be available at the restaurants from May 19 for a brief period,” said Silvia Muryadi, Head of Marketing Subway.

Going to the beach is a hallmark of summer vacation, thus shrimp, everyone’s favorite seafood, is on the menu this time. In addition, chicken is a popular menu item in Indonesia, therefore of course Subway offers a new chicken menu with a spicy sauce.

Seafood Sensation

Subway is bringing back its “Seafood Sensation” menu for seafood lovers who want to re-experience the freshness of crab meat combined with creamy mayonnaise sauce, with your choice of vegetables, and served with Thousand Island, the recommended sauce from Subway, which is slightly sour to perfect your favorite sandwich.

Chicken Buffalo 

In order to increase the satisfaction of spicy enthusiasts, Subway is reintroducing its Buffalo sauce this year with savory chicken protein. To make your summer more fun, combine sour and spicy buffalo sauce with creamy mayonnaise sauce.

Tropical Breeze Tea

Need to freshen up your day while it’s scorching outside? Tropical Breeze Tea from Subway is the answer, a blend of sweet and sour lemon tea with a cooling sensation from mint, is ideal as a mood booster to freshen your day this summer.

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