Experience French ‘Joie de Vivre’ at Le Quartier 

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci 

Le Quartier first opened its doors in July 2013, and quickly established itself as a refined and elegant neighborhood restaurant. Almost ten years later, it still retains its position as one of Jakarta’s most beloved restaurants, with its proven commitment to excellence and remains a steadfast favorite of patrons looking to experience genuine French ‘joie de vivre’ provided by its ever-present owners and longstanding and loyal team. 

Le Quartier is loved for its genuine, unpretentious and lively ambience as experienced in brasseries throughout Paris, London and New York. The Le Quartier experience is an effortless set in French, Italian, Belgian and Spanish cultures.

The restaurant does not rush anyone along and is the perfect backdrop for memorable dining regardless of the occasions from early breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. 

The menu at Le Quartier reads like a present day reboot of timeless French and European specialty dishes. The chefs are dedicated to prepare the finest quality ingredients and produce with little intervention and needless fuss, creating refreshed classical cuisine that highlights the fine balance between simplicity and deliciousness, remembering that there is great nostalgia for very delicious, generous and artisan prepared dishes that stand the test of time. 

Furthermore, Le Quartier upholds the integrity of its dishes and ingredients at all times, guaranteeing product origin and highest quality grading at all times. The wine list celebrates both old and new world wines that are true to their provenance and vintages. The cocktail and beverage menus are carefully curated following the same unwavering professional approach with minimal fuss and complications. 

Since it opened, Le Quartier has become a trusted dining partner and benchmark for its diverse loyal and returning customers. It’s warm and welcoming service is at once spirited and sophisticated catering to its patrons’ personal needs and individual preferences.

Le Quartier is as diverse as it is accommodating, allowing multiple seating arrangements and configurations, there is a fully enclosed private room providing that extra needed privacy for intimate gatherings. 

Each dining area provides the ideal setting for any event of any size from intimate and romantic dining, to larger family or private groups to restaurant buy-out. Guests are presented with a wide range of tailor-made menus and are given the flexibility to create their own bespoke menus. 

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