Elevating the Familiar: Flock’s Innovative Approach to Modern Comfort Food and Drinks

With a little bit of imagination and creative effort, comfort food can be elevated and reinvented in exciting ways. It’s no secret that this type of food carries with it a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of fond memories and filling us up with emotion. 

Remember the simple yet heartwarming ratatouille dish in the animated movie? Well, Flock’s culinary creations have that same power to transport you back to those beautiful moments with every bite.

Settled in the charming town of Ubud, Bali, Flock is not your ordinary eatery. It’s a dynamic culinary playground that serves up innovative comfort foods and beverages in a creative space. Here, the chef has taken classic American-inspired dishes and redefined nostalgic meals to new heights. Using local ingredients sourced from the island, he elevates traditional dishes with modern kitchen techniques and bold imaginations.

Flock’s founder Sherrine Budiman is a talented woman in business who established this restaurant at the beginning of the pandemic to provide some relief and comfort through fresh, nutritious, and playful food. With a background in fine arts, she brought an artistic touch to the culinary experience at Flock.

From the skilled craftsmanship of the products at the forefront of every creation to the vibrant artworks and cheerful playlist, Sherrine sought to create a space where guests could experience a symphony of sensory experiences in every bite and sip.

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