Savyavasa‘s Landscape Mastery

Sustainable Living Designed by Karl Princic from Intaran Design Inspired by the Surrounding Nature

Savyavasa, a sanctuary for a harmonious lifestyle integrating with nature. A Landscape mastery designed by Karl Princic of Intaran Design.

Situated in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in South Jakarta, Savyavasa redefines the concept of understated luxury by integrating a harmonious lifestyle within natural surroundings for an elevated modern living environment. Blessed with an abundance of outdoor space and nature, Savyavasa is a green sanctuary that goes beyond the apartment walls.

Bringing the vision to life, Savyavasa curated a team of globally renowned consultants including Bali-based landscape design firm Intaran Design, Singapore-based SCDA Architects, award-winning international design studio Yabu Pushelberg as well as New York-based internationally acclaimed design studio Richardson Sadeki.

Harmonizing architecture and environment, the world-class collaboration has brought sustainable luxury living to a new level for Savyavasa’s residents.

Landscape Mastery by Karl Princic of Intaran Design

The mastermind behind Intaran Design, Karl Princic, envisioned a lush and contemporary landscape for Savyavasa that visually and physically connects the towers and recreational facilities through preserving the natural ecosystem of the site.

Karl conveyed his expertise in creating a sense of comfort in the indoor-outdoor space, offering the opportunity for residents of Savyavasa to live in harmony with nature and to be able to participate in the conservation of the natural environment without compromising the accessibility in between areas as well as openness of the views and gardens.

Take a journey with Karl Princic through the landscape of Savyavasa in the video “To me, the best kind of landscape is nature itself. I think that has the most rejuvenating quality to experience a truly natural landscape. As a landscape architect we believe we are stewards of nature by expanding the natural system and with Savyavasa, we had the perfect opportunity to do that.”

“Our main approach for Savyavasa was to contrast the towers and make it look like they were placed within an existing forest, as well as making it look like things are naturally occurring. We want residents to feel that Savyavasa is their yard, this is the area for them to enjoy,” said Karl Princic, Managing Director of Intaran Design.

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