Now Available at Pizza Marzano is the Popular Rendang Menu 

The Indonesians in Collaboration with Munik Seasoning

Rendang is incredibly popular all over the world, enjoyed by both Indonesians and foreigners. Pizza Marzano offers rendang in collaboration with Munik seasoning, which is brought in the forms of calzones and lasagna, as the major menu during this year’s Ramadan period.  

The pizza menu offered by Pizza Marzano and Munik seasoning is also quite unusual and delicious. It is covered with prawn and potato chili sambal. And it’s not really complete, if you haven’t indulged the sticky date pudding for dessert.

While eating rendang or prawn & potato chili sambal with rice is common, Pizza Marzano offers a unique twist by fusing local traditions with Italian cuisine. The time seems appropriate to gather with family for Ramadan and celebrate Eid with Pizza Marzano.

“Getting creative with food is fun. Yet marrying two distinct culinary traditions to create something delicious to eat is challenging. This year is so special, because the Ramadan menu from Pizza Marzano has a new flavor wih the collaboration with Munik seasonings,” said Endang Sunardi, Executive Chef of Pizza Marzano.

Endang added, “The rendang menu has been offered previously, but this time it’s different because it’s been made in collaboration with Munik Spices and is available as calzone and lasagna instead of pizza. For the pizza option, it still carries a local flavor which is the prawn and potato with chili. Another delight to look forward to during Ramadan is dessert, and this year Pizza Marzano are serving sticky date pudding.”

Lasagna Rendang

Could be a choice as an appetizer. Layer of pasta sheets with bechamel sauce, minded beef, Munik’s Rendang Seasoning, and parmesan.

Calzone Rendang

Calzone is still a part of Pizza, which is shaped like a large pastel. Made by Munik’s Rendang Kayu Bakar, bechamel sauce, mozzarella, red onion, and mixed pepper with a side of salad with house dressing.

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