Panadol Klinik Cekatan

A Mobile Clinic Service from Haleon and Halodoc to Facilitate Access to Healthcare in Rural Areas 

  • First outreach phase of the campaign serving more than 4,000 people with more than 7,000 consultations in six weeks.
  • Mobile clinic services include educational sessions for better self-care.

Affordable access to healthcare remains a challenge for Indonesia as an archipelagic country. To help address this issue, Haleon, a global leader in consumer health and maker of Panadol, is partnering with Halodoc, one of Indonesia’s leading digital health ecosystems, through the launch of the Panadol Klinik Cekatan to tackle access barriers to affordable healthcare as well as drive awareness and education efforts to empower Indonesians to better manage their everyday health.  

To date, this programme has reached more than 4,000 people, including children and the elderly, and made over 7,000 consultations in more than 30 locations in Pituruh and Bruno Subdistricts, Purworejo Regency in six weeks.

Despite huge improvements in medicine, data, and technology, everyday health remains elusive for too many people. According to the United Nations Population Division’s World Urbanization Prospects, 43% of the Indonesian population lives in rural areas with inadequate self-care and healthcare access.

In the first global Health Inclusivity Index (HII), commissioned by Haleon and published by Economist Impact in October 2022, findings show Indonesia performing in line with the global average, indicating further opportunities in infrastructure and digital health exist to advance health inclusivity in Indonesia. 

The need to advance in these areas is also reflected in the Ministry of Health’s health transformation plans, which focus on health technology. In line with national health policy priorities, the Panadol Klinik Cekatan partnership is one avenue Haleon seeks to continue to expand to bridge the gap and ensure Indonesian communities gain affordable and quality access to health services and are empowered to actively participate in self-care. 

Dhanica Mae Tiu, General Manager, Indonesia, Haleon, said: “As a global leader in consumer health, Haleon is committed to work towards making everyday health more accessible, achievable, and sustainable.”

“We are in the unique position to work with like-minded organisations, such as Halodoc, to bring concerted efforts to remove some of the barriers to everyday health through not only easier access to affordable and high-quality healthcare but also through self-care promotion, driving health literacy to take preventative actions, and ultimately enabling Indonesians to become better managers of their everyday health.” 

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