Holding Myself Accountable – How 2022 in Tech Will Shape a Turbulent 2023

And once again on the theme of making development easier, tools like GitHub’s Copilot proliferated last year – a match made in coding heaven where one finished the other’s sentences. Awe! Expect to see more object-generating AI tools, often as extensions of the ones that currently exist, bringing together humans and technology bonded by the language we already speak. After all, there’s a lot of data out there requiring insights.

The unstructured data train has left the station. The presumed volume of incoming information to an organization will be 4.5X greater in two years than it is today. Most of that data is unstructured: audio and video files, knowledge repositories, social posts, and more.

Technologies that provide companies with the ability to capture, extract, normalize, glean insights, automate action on those insights, and get more accurate each time through machine learning will have a good year, as long the investment goes towards creating better experiences for customers and workers.

Employee and customer experience are on equal footing. Why did it take a global pandemic for employee experience to finally get the recognition it deserved? Gone are the days of throwing a mountain of legacy technology at workers hoping that they’ll accept it all under the guise of customer experience.

Companies will harness the opportunity gap created between the rate of technological change and humans’ ability to understand it to continue to create customer experiences that matter, with a newly keen eye on how that impacts the limited staff they have.

Blockchain. No segue here. At the risk of making the same misstep as last year, I’ll take a flier on blockchain again in 2023.The impact of lost wealth from both the crashing of cryptocurrency values, the FTX scandal, and other legitimate crypto exchanges searching for solvency in late 2022 doesn’t bode well for that industry in 2023. However, the underlying technology has always been the shining star.

Blockchain-based upstarts struggled to overcome public relations scrutiny as well as general macroeconomic investment headwinds last year, but that doesn’t mean that the future isn’t bright for decentralization of things like secure sharing of medical information, intellectual property rights, original content security, and agreements through smart contracts. 2023 will be spent rebuilding trust in the underlying technology.

There it is, my technology predictions for 2023. Often trends in these annual prediction pieces take multiple years to truly proliferate, so maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves but rather honest and accountable. Maybe that will be the biggest trend for 2023? We shall see.

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