Youvit Presents Indonesia’s First Energy Gummy

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Have you ever experienced tiredness, sleepiness, and lack of focus during critical hours? This condition is known as the “Low Energy Afternoon Slump” that often occurs between 2-5 pm and can lead to the symptoms mentioned.

To address this problem, many Indonesians turn to consuming coffee or tea. Unfortunately, excessive consumption can lead to negative effects on health, such as GERD, disrupted sleep patterns, and energy crashes. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the safe amount of caffeine to be consumed daily is around 400 mg, equivalent to 1-3 cups of coffee.

“Instead of consuming one cup of coffee directly, you can do the Caffeine Microdosing method. With this method, you only need a small amount of caffeine—about 10 to 15 mg every 3-4 hours,” dr. Kevin Mak explained.

Recognizing the vital role of caffeine in energizing people and supporting their productivity, Youvit—the number one vitamin gummy brand in Indonesia, has innovated a new caffeine source called Kafe G.

Youvit Kafe G is the first energy gummy in Indonesia that contains 15 mg of natural caffeine from Guarana. Natural caffeine is safer because it doesn’t cause side effects like insomnia or GERD but still provides steady energy peaks. It is also formulated with coffee extract and 6 Vitamin B Complex to maintain focus and concentration, increase energy, and fight sleepiness, allowing you to be more energetic throughout the day.

Each gummy comes with a natural coffee flavor and is made without artificial coloring, making it safe to be consumed daily.

“We want to make Youvit Kafe G a regular part of Indonesian’s daily routine, just like their cup of coffee or tea. Instead of the ups and downs caused by too much caffeine, Youvit Kafe G will give you a steady boost of energy. Plus, it’s easy to take with you on the go since it comes in a gummy form,” Wouter van der Kolk, Co-Founder and CEO of Youvit explained.

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