RAMU Celebrates Cross Cultural Cuisine with the Island’s Locally-Sourced Ingredients

With its Asian Mediterranean fusion dishes, RAMU has brought a fresh new addition to Ubud’s dining scene since opening their doors in December 2022.

Helmed by Executive Chef Joshira Yugopradana, RAMU introduces a variety of culinary cultures from Asia, Mediterranean, Europe and South America all the while striving to use fresh ingredients that are sourced within Bali. The overall concept pays a tribute to the interconnection between humans and nature, which goes hand in hand with the island’s Tri Hita Karana value that has shaped Bali’s core identity. 

Authentic Indonesian flavors and spices are celebrated in RAMU’s signature dishes with sharing plates such as Petai Pâté, a rendition of pâté inspired by the Indonesian traditional dish sambal goreng ati, consisting of chicken liver, petai beans and spicy balado sauce; Duck & Brie Cheese Focaccia, a duck confit fusion using local brie cheese, which is usually paired with in Western cuisine, and hoisin sauce which is a common pair in Asian cuisine.

Seafood Coconut Ceviche, a Peru-Indonesian dish combining two of the seashore’s finest ingredients; seafood and coconut, featuring line-caught seasonal fish, prawns, Lombok octopus, coconut milk and baked yam; Fish Risotto, featuring a zesty lemon butter roast catch of the day over Japanese rice risotto and topped with parmesan and gruyere. 

Complementing the overall food concept, signature sips at RAMU elevates the ingredients used as a key highlight of each cocktail, such as Pickle, a rum-based drink mixed with green pepper and acar, a vegetable pickle that is most prevalent served alongside Indonesian dishes, and Basil, with clarified rum, Campari, pineapple basil and basil oil to elevate the sweet notes of basil leaves.

Appreciating the island’s community and keeping sustainability in mind, RAMU collaborates with local farmers and partners to make sure that ingredients used are fresh and locally-sourced. Dishes served focuses on ingredients that are available to create a wholesome dining experience based on what the earth provides today.

“The rising dining industry in Bali creates a set of challenges for our local partners, most restaurants demands to supply them with specific product and quantities, completely ignoring the fact that fish caught is not always the same every day, vegetables aren’t always grown in the same time and the unpredictable weather also interferes with the growth and harvest process.”

“We wanted to change the narrative, to create dishes made with the available ingredients, rather than the other way around. For example, the fish for our Fish Risotto may change depending on the season and we will then have to adjust our ways of cooking yet still maintaining its quality standard,” explains Chef Joshira on how RAMU differentiates with other dining establishments.

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