More Peace and Harmony in the Year of Rabbit

Here’s What to Expect Based on Beauty and Wellness Perspective 

The sign of rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture, which means 2023 is expected to be a year of hope and ease based on experts, just like a rabbit that is charming and active. From the beauty and wellness perspective this year, as Indonesians have become more conscious after the pandemic, rabbit year seems to be harmonious with the lifestyle. 

Dr Cut Hafiah from D8 by SKYN Clinic stated that the increase in the number of new patients proves that people want to transform to be better body image and ideal weight. They put an extra monthly budget to invest in a nutritionist, personal gym trainer, and mental health coach. 

Vina Panduwinata, Dr. Cut Hafiah Halidha, dan Reza Artamevia

“To achieve an ideal and sustainable body weight, we need to adopt a mindful lifestyle – Dr. Cut added, the mindful diet itself is a lifestyle that involves full awareness when eating, in a mindful diet, a person is not only trained to understand the type or portion of food that fits our body’s needs, but also changes the way of thinking or viewing food.

The benefits of this mindful diet apart from knowing the food consumed, will also help choose food intake for health, be more aware of what is in our bodies, educate ourselves so we can enjoy food more and avoid unhealthy food choices.

Look deeper at your diet; contrary to popular belief, rabbits also get sick from eating too many carrots. The consumer now has various options for diet approaches starting from conventional to invasive methods; at D8 by SKYN, we curate a slimming program based on the patient’s capacity to reach the ideal weight. Less stress, an enjoyable diet, and laying the foundations for a better approach to eating with the promise of #MakanEnakBeratTurun. 

Dr. Cut Hafiah Halidha bersama Sari Nila dan Mahalini

To learn more about the program, reach us at @d8.byskyn on Instagram or 0813 8889 4393 on WhatsApp.

Adding to its well-established leadership of the D8 slimming program, the SKYN Group seeks continued growth with the newly opened business unit, SKYN Gym, The First Aesthetic Gym in Indonesia. 

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