Copacabana Palace, a Belmond Hotel, Rio De Janeiro Celebrates Its Centenary 

Famed Festas

February brings the joy of Rio Carnival – an annual kaleidoscopic delight since the 1650s, rooted in the very fabric of Brazilian tradition and regarded as the biggest party in the world. To mark the occasion, Copacabana Palace has been hosting the Copa Magic Ball since 1924, with famous guests including Jayne Mansfield, Brigitte Bardot and  Joan Fontaine. 

The much-anticipated 2023 edition will be held on 18 February, to the innovative theme of ‘The Time Tunnel’. Guests are invited to travel back in time or look to the future, choosing a moment from 1923 to 2123. Artistic director, Gustavo Barchilon, known for his sophisticated productions, will work together with renowned scenographer, Daniel Cruz, to create the most exhilarating ball to date.

August 2023 will mark the official centenary of Copacabana Palace and to honour the occasion, the red carpet will be rolled out for a show-stopping party dedicated to Rio citizens, with a special surprise to be revealed closer to the time. This will allow the hotel to invite the community to celebrate not only Copa’s centenary but the legendary city itself.

A New Chapter for the Arts

Alongside the hotel sits the Copacabana Palace Theatre, considered one of the greatest stages in Brazil.  Closed for nearly three decades, over the past two years, Belmond in collaboration with a leading Brazilian architect, Ivan Rezende, completed the painstaking restoration, involving more than 600 craftspeople over 18 different disciplines, from woodcarvers to designers and carpenters.  

Having recently reopened, the Theatre plays host to Rio’s series of creative and cultural performances and in 2023, will return to its full glory with curated performances and concerts of the century, marking a new chapter for the cultural scene in the city.

Later in 2023, Belmond will deepen its connection to art with the expansion of the MITICO project – an artist series in partnership with Galleria Continua, across the globe. Following the success of the 2022 first edition in Italy, new installations will arrive at Copacabana Palace.

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