BTN Dash Aquatic

  • Starting off the year, Dash Sports presents once again the BTN Dash Aquatic Challenge, bring your family and community to participate in the running-swimming competition at the Aquatic Stadium GBK
  • Expecting no less than 500 participants from families and communities, the event will feature competitions in aquathlon, swim challenge and mini water polo

Entering the new year and to answer the public’s high demand, Dash Sports, the first digital sports hub in Indonesia connecting sports enthusiasts and fans with sports clubs, events and communities again in collaboration with Bank Tabungan Negara is bringing the BTN Dash Aquatic Challenge 2023 for the audience, a water sports competition event designed for families and communities.

Initiated in 2020, from its humble beginning as a running community and motivated by the love for the sports, Dash Sports has turn itself into a digital platform providing related services in the sports world. As from its second anniversary in 2022 as the pandemic ending, Dash Sports grows alongside its loyal users with more in-app features and sports events gaining positive response from the public.

Dash Sports Founder and CEO, Alit Aryaguna delivered upon an occasion that, “Inspired by our BTN Dash Aquatic Challenge last year, the sports and entertainment event wrapped in an exciting and fun  package has managed to gain positive response with high enthusiasm from the public, and therefore we divided to bring the event back at the beginning of the year 2023.”

“The special competition series will be in collaboration with Bank Tabungan Negara as well as a number of sports communities to promote water sports and the benefits of staying healthy as well as to push family participation in various competitions across different communities. No less than 500 family participants is expected to join this BTN Dash Aquatic Challenge which will consist of: Aquathlon, Swim Challenge and Mini Water Polo competition for cash prize from BTN and a 1-year protection insurance by IFG Life to cover travel, accident and injury during sports.”

Furthermore, Alit described that BTN Dash Aquatic Challenge which will be held on Sunday, February 12, 2023 at the Aquatic Stadium or Stadion Renang Gelora Bung Karno in Senayan Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Head of Marketing & Communication Division of BTN, Ramon Armando said, “It is such an exciting and fun collaboration. BTN will once again take on its part in the BTN Dash Aquatic Challenge which is a part of a series of events in the BTN Sport Fest 2023 agenda.”

“The competition is open for everyone from all ages, while at the same time it is also fun and in line with the healthy urban lifestyle. Let’s go, all you healthy family in the Jabodatabek area, let’s all join the Dash Aqua Challenge! Register yourselves immediately.”

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