Shelter Cafe is Back!

Food establishments that last longer than two years in Bali are a rare find. One of our favourite venues that has stood the test of time, is Shelter Cafe. Constantly evolving for nine successful years, this jungle vibe cafe is famous for being one of the best breakfast and lunch spots on the island.

Located off a small side street in Bali’s busiest district in Seminyak, guests are transported to a treehouse sanctuary. Based on the second floor, and made in the simple style of a ‘Joglo’ with exotic plants, recycled timber and wood, Shelter Cafe represents Bali’s soul. Referring to its name, Shelter, welcomes every guest with warmth.

Whether it’s families, nomads or tourists looking for a simple escape, this venue is authentic when it comes to celebrating the Bali lifestyle.

The secret to Shelter Cafe’s success is the process of evolution. Shelter Group’s core principle is to create an unforgettable guest experience, this takes constant refinement, updates, feedback and development to stay relevant. Many food establishments shy away from this type of change, where else Shelter Cafe embraces it, undergoing a number of evolutions over time.

The cafe itself has recently gone through a revamp, opening a shop below which adds to the experience of going on an adventure as the cafe is secretly located upstairs. The new store adds another dynamic to the cafe for shoppers to explore, adding to the magic happening upstairs.

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