Rumari at Raffles Bali Begins the Year with the Launch of ‘Rumari and Friends’ 

Experience an ‘East meets West’ four-hands dinner by Rumari’s Chef Gaetan Biesuz and Chef-Patron Aitor Jeronimo Orive of Singapore’s one Michelin-starred Basque Kitchen. 

Celebrate the delectable friendship between two renowned chefs with the launch of ‘Rumari and Friends,’ a collaborative dinner featuring Basque Kitchen Singapore’s Chef-Patron Aitor Jeronimo Orive and Raffles Bali’s Culinary Director Chef Gaetan Biesuz, happening from 22-23 January 2023. Rumari’s impressive dining room and stunning ocean view are the setting of the remarkable dinner gathering. 

Following the success of the previous Epicurean Journey Chapters 1-2, Rumari at Raffles Bali continues its foray into serving the most sustainably curated dining experiences on the island with its collaborations within the gastronomic horizon. ‘Rumari and Friends’ evokes friendship, cultural connections through distinctive flavors from different world destinations 


Located in Jimbaran Bay, perched on a hill offering views of the ocean, Rumari highlights the richness of South East Asian flavors, enhanced with the expertise of the most talented culinary team and renowned Guest Chefs in the industry. 

Rumari welcomes Guest Chef Aitor Jeronimo Orive, Chef-patron of Basque Kitchen, Singapore’s first Basque-centric Michelin rated restaurant, that celebrates indigenous culture and produce of the region. 

Saus Padang

Growing up on rustic home-cooked fare in the Basque region, Chef Aitor naturally took to cooking as an expression of his heritage. He further honed his skills as a culinary professional at some of the most iconic restaurants in the world, including the Basque Country’s own Mugaritz, Nerua in Bilbao, and The Fat Duck in London. 

Chef Aitor’s Basque influence mingles with Chef Gaetan’s passion for South East Asian exploration and discovery. Chef Gaetan infuses his own contemporary techniques into the region’s exotic ingredients, flavours, and traditional dishes. Chef Gaetan continues to lead Rumari, known for its progressive Cuisine as one of the finest Indonesian restaurants on the island. Rumari is a Krug Ambassade since 2021. 

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