New Year, New You

“When Ideal Weight and Image Hit a Milestone, What’s Next to Look Forward to?”: How a Mindful Lifestyle Could be The Key to a Sustainable Well-being

New year, a new you could not sound any more valid to D8 by SKYN Clinic, one of Indonesia’s premier beauty & wellness establishments, as D8 announced today it had completed more than a thousand slimming treatments. Adding to its well-established leadership of the D8 slimming program, the SKYN Group seeks continued growth with the new business unit SKYN Gym, which plans to roll out in early 2023.

As Indonesians become more conscious after the pandemic, from eating habits, lifestyle, and mental well-being, the D8 slimming program also aims to sustain a mindful lifestyle after the program ends. 

“I am so proud of all the program patients’ results; their journeys were not easy, but they were terrific; however, to reach the sustained ideal weight, we need to apply a mindful lifestyle. There are many benefits to practicing this: improved self-esteem, body image, and mental health,” stated Dr. Cut Hafiah of D8 by SKYN Clinic. 

Dr. Cut also suggested you start small with a mindful lifestyle: after the program, you can write about your journey on when your cheating days are, weekly physical exercise plan, or even count how many days in a week you sleep before 10 p.m and improve it the following week.

At D8 by SKYN, we curate a slimming program based on the patient’s capacity to reach the ideal weight. Less stress, an enjoyable diet, and laying the foundations for a better approach to eating with the promise of #MAKANENAKBERATTURUN. 

To learn more about the program, reach us at @d8.byskyn on Instagram or 0813-8889-4393 on WhatsApp.

About D8 by SKYN 

A flagship slimming program by SKYN Clinic, D8 clinically helps the patient reach the ideal weight with less stress, an enjoyable and fun diet, and laying the foundations for a better approach to eating.

The program has helped up to 2400 patients to date and now serving more than 200 patients monthly, including, to name a few, Reza Artamevia, Vina Panduwinata, Revalina S. Temat, Incess Nabati, Erick Limans, Frans Ferdinand, lovely couple Ario Pratomo and Nucha Bachri also Mahalini Raharja and Rizky Febian.

About SKYN Clinic 

SKYN Clinic is one of Indonesia’s premier beauty & wellness establishments, founded in 2015 by Hartoyo, a self-made entrepreneur who currently operates four business units with 4 locations. SKYN Clinic offers a full range of sophisticated beauty, health, and well-being enhancement solutions for face and body aesthetics, a slimming center, and vitamin infusions with highly developed medical technology and patient-oriented medical services.

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