Jakarta Watch Exchange Show 2022

VIP Visitors

Benefits and exclusivity for VIP visitors will be provided at JWX 2022 such as the opportunity to enjoy premium whiskey drinks as well as wine offerings from W Shop. VIP visitors can also enjoy the best coffee served by Sixtynine Coffee and VIP Visitors can bring home exclusive merchandises from JWX 2022.

Invitations for VIP visitors can be obtained from their favourite boutiques or showrooms which can be seen in the list of exhibitors below.

Exhibition Participants

Luxurious Watches

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Bening Luxury, Golden Jewelry

Branded Bags              

Belle & Kate, LSIX, Voila        


Billstone, RX-8, Vagenari, Elke By Gunny Strap, Buben & Zorweg by TCL


Toko Golop


Autohause Import, D Spec By Chosen Cars, Famous Auto Spec, Premium Cars Jakarta

Various agendas will be presented during JWX 2022 such as talk shows around the world of horology which will be about tips on how to take care of luxury watches, how to authenticate luxury watches, tips on choosing luxury watches with a certain investment grade and why watches should use Watch Winder and what are the functions of the Watch Winder itself.

Other tips will also be shared in various other interesting talk shows such as tips on investing by buying luxury cars, how to take care of diamond jewelry, how to take care of luxury bags, and what golf equipment is needed for beginners. 

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