Starling Eatery Introduce d’Pizza

The Best Delicious pizza

Throughout this month of October, Starling Eatery proudly presents d’Pizza, the best delicious pizza fresh from the oven, an experience not to be missed. A perfection homemade sauce made from freshly peeled tomatoes, a blend of savory and complimenting herbs with a simply layer the sauce along the crust.

The cheesy, tomato-y and slightly doughy will described how d’Pizza itself. Pick your favourite taste from Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Margaretha and Al-Funghi with only Rp 85.000 net with medium size. Get your pizza now !! a slice a day keeps your sad away.

A taste of Hawaiian Pizza

Savor and satisfy your appetite by enjoying our fantastic food and beverage promotion until the holiday season on this December. For our chef’s choices, enjoy a Grilled Tuna Steak Teriyaki – a rich, tangy and thick grilled tuna, greased with a teriyaki sauce, oriental vegetables, steam rice and get free iced tea with only Rp 77.000 nett.

Originated in Indonesia, sate is a widely renowned in almost all regions of the country and is getting more popular around the world. It’s a national dish and one of Indonesia’s best dishes. Sate Maranggi is one exception which made from beef meat and almost one of the 30 Indonesia culinary icons. Indulge yourself with Sate Daging Maranggi – a traditional marinated beef skewer in a mixture of green chili paste and sugar cane vinegar served with rice cake and spicy soya sauce for only Rp 77.000 nett included iced tea.

Sate Daging Maranggi a rich history and flavor

Taste the differences and experience from our Bar, enjoy our special fantastic beverages starts from Pink Guava – a healthy combination between lime and guava juice mixed with peach syrup and fresh strawberry for only Rp 55.000 nett. A refreshing lemon juice mixed with a touch of traditional Indonesian herbs is Green Freeze for only Rp 55.000 nett to fresh up your body and soul.


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