Ayana Hospitality Unveils Rebrand and the New Beginning of Ayana Estate Bali

Ayana Hospitality, a leading Indonesian hospitality company that owns and operates luxury hotels and residences under Ayana and Delonix brand in Jakarta, Bali, Labuan Bajo and Karawang, has today announced rebranding. The company has undergone a brand refresh by changing its properties’ name and logo to unify the entire group’s brand identity, marking a new future direction of the company. 

“Ayana Hospitality journey started in Bali with our five-star resort in Jimbaran. It further expanded with our hotel in Jakarta and the opening of our resort in Labuan Bajo four years ago. As we have hit several milestones in the past, this rebranding will bring the spirit forward, as well as a new direction of the company as a globally respected owner and creator of iconic places of refuge that nurture the wellbeing of our guests,” said Michi Sonoda, Executive Assistant Manager, Sales and Marketing, Ayana Hospitality.

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The new logo incorporates indelible elements from the surroundings that make the stay experience at Ayana properties remarkable. It embodies Ayana Hospitality’s guiding principles inspired by Tri Hita Karana, a Balinese philosophy for life that evokes harmonious living with inner-being, other beings, and the nature. Elements such as monkey, considered sacred according to the Hindu principle, birds, and intertwining flower and figs, can be seen threaded on the new logo, all symbolizing the ideal of the Balinese concept of creation and existence, uniting of humans with nature. 

Besides the logo refreshment, the company correspondingly changed the name of its properties in Bali and Labuan Bajo. Ayana’s latest resort portfolio in Labuan Bajo is now Ayana Komodo Waecicu Beach. At the same time, the leisure brand Ayana Cruise now has its own branding to strengthen its position as the leading bespoke maritime leisure excursion based in Labuan Bajo. The company retains the name of its five-star Jakarta property as Ayana Midplaza Jakarta and its four-star sister hotel, Delonix Hotel Karawang.

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A New Beginning for Ayana Estate Bali  

The rebranding of the Ayana Hospitality properties marks the new beginning and the future of Ayana Estate in Bali, the flagship property of Ayana Hospitality. The secluded 90-hectare land perched above Jimbaran clifftop within a tropical garden overlooking the famed Jimbaran sunset is set as a refuge of nature, culture and wellbeing where the forest meets the ocean.

The Ayana Estate is the home of Ayana’s well-known luxury properties, which has completed a rebranding effort with a new name and logo. Ayana Resort Bali is a 294-room award-winning classic luxury retreat with the Balinese influence décor and architecture with breathtaking scenery. Ayana Villas Bali is a Forbes Travel Guide’s Five-Star resort-within-a-resort that provides top-of-the-line luxury surrounded by the lush garden of its cliff-top property in Bali’s Jimbaran Bay. 

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