Subway Introduces Beef Se’i Sambal Lu’at to Commemorate Indonesia’s Independence Day

Subway unveiled its new Beef Se’i Sambal Lu’at menu today. Subway is inviting Indonesian guests to experience this perfect signature subs originally from the Rote tribe in East Nusa Tenggara starting August 6th onwards, the first sandwich from Subway to be inspired by Indonesian cuisine!

Beef Se’i is one of the culinary delicacies that distinguish East Nusa Tenggara and is increasingly gaining popularity among Indonesians. To commemorate Indonesia’s Independence Day, Subway is compelled to introduce Beef Se’i Sambal Lu’at, the unique Indonesian culinary option that has a very distinct flavor – not only to Indonesia but also to the world.

“With the support of Subway global, each market can customize a menu that caters to local preferences and cultural distinctions while adhering to the company’s established guidelines. Indonesia intends to introduce its unique meal, called Beef Se’i Sambal Lu’at, much like India with its Paneer Tikka and Corn & Peas menu, Saudi Arabia with its Halloumi menu, and Australia with its Schnitzel and Slaw menu. As we celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in August, we hope that this latest addition to the Subway menu will strengthen our love for the country by allowing guests to enjoy sandwiches made with Indonesian cuisine,” said Anthony Cottan, President Director of PT Map Boga Adiperkasa Tbk.

“We frequently get inquiries for authentic Indonesian Subway menus. This year, Subway is offering Beef Se’i Sambal Luat, a unique dish from NTT, to commemorate Indonesia’s independence. Through our new menu shows that local food may be consumed with bread that is often enjoyed in western countries. We chose Beef Se’i Sambal Lu’at as our new menu, is for the simple reason that we want to provide our guests with something new and unique. Beef Se’i is an amazing Indonesian food that needs to be made more widely known. Beef Se’i Sambal Lu’at is there because Subway wants to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day by providing authentic Indonesian cuisine. We hope to make the Beef Se’i Sambal Lu’at menu and the bread more accessible to the Indonesian people,” said Silvia Muryadi, Head of Marketing Subway.

Beef Se’i is a type of smoked beef that is prepared differently from other types of smoked beef by first slicing the flesh thinly lengthwise. Before smoking, the meat for Se’i will also be spice-seasoned so that the flavors of the spices can mingle perfectly and create a distinctive fusion of salty, savory, and naturally sweet flavors. That’s what makes it special. 

Similarly, sambal is essential for enhancing the flavor of Beef Se’i when eaten with rice. Generally speaking, the common East Nusa Tenggara chili sauce is called sambal Lu’at, it is made from a combination of sea leaves, lime, and chili. The powerful lime scent and spicy, sour flavor will enhance the meat’s natural flavor and it is used to accompany Beef Se’i meals in East Nusa Tenggara.

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