Asian Food Session and Shades of Green Mocktails at Swiss-Belresort Dago Heritage

Another options for Asian dining, Swiss-Kitchen Restaurant at Swiss-Belresort Dago Heritage present Asian Food Session and Shades of Green Mocktails promotion until this September 2022. Guest can choose for choices menus of Indonesian, Korean or Thailand menu for this 3-months promotion such as: Tutug Oncom Priangan with Rp 78,000++/ portion, a traditional Sundanese steam rice toasted with fermented bean cake served with slice thin omelet, fried bean cake, fried tofu, fried chicken galangal, shrimp cracker, fresh salad and chili paste basil.

Guest also can order Beef Bulgogi, stir fried Korean short plate beef in fruity bulgogi sauce served with steam rice and white cabbage kimchi with green mix lettuce with price Rp 98,000++/ portion.

And for dessert, Swiss-Kitchen Restaurant provide a traditional Southeast Asian and South Asian dessert, Mango Sticky Rice that made from glutinous rice, black sesame seed, fresh mango with coconut sauce and topped with coconut ice cream for only Rp 50,000++/ portion.

For this special promotion only available during August 2022

Non-alcoholic options with green colors, choose one of our Shades of Green Mocktails promo only Rp 35,000 ++/ glass with choices of drink Grinch Topical/ Beehive Honeydew/ Spritz Cucumber.

  • Grinch Tropical, a delicate taste pineapple mixed with kiwi juices added with peace flavored syrup and sour taste from lime juice
  • Beehive Honeydew, freshen up taste from shaved honeydew and honeydew syrup added with sour taste from lime and pure honey top up with soda water
  • Spritz Cucumber, sliced cucumber inside rim glass flavored with cucumber syrup and mint syrup with freshness sour from lime juices sprinkled with basil seed topped up with soda water

Swiss-Kitchen Restaurant also present special Indpendence Day promotion

“Swiss-Kitchen Restaurant also present special Indpendence Day promotion for Mie Cakalang Asap, a traditional Indonesian smoked skipjack tuna noodle soup ingredients includes yellow noodle, smoked skipjack tuna, fish ball, fish cake, choy sum, cabbages, chili pepper, scallion, celery, shallot and garlic Rp 77,000 net/ portion and special for the drink, our bartender team prepared delightful blend soursop mix with lychee syrup added with ice and layered with dragon fruit will cheers you on Independence Day, Sirga Merdeka drink for only Rp 45,000net/ glass. For this special promotion only available during August 2022,” added Atika Nurliawati, Public Relation Manager of Swiss-Belresort Dago Heritage.

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