Leon Goldstein Arrives as a New Dining and Lifestyle Destination in South Jakarta

The dining and lifestyle scene in South Jakarta gets more interesting with the arrival of Leon Goldstein, a hybrid bistro complete with a bespoke coffee shop and a cocktail bar. Nestled in a vast building in Jalan Wijaya I No. 25, Leon Goldstein—also known as LG—sports a casual yet elegant design with a family-friendly personality.

“Leon Goldstein is our newest venture in Jakarta’s ever-growing F&B scene,” said Leon Gunawan, the operator of Leon Goldstein. “We designed Leon Goldstein to become a dining and lifestyle destination where people can meet to eat, have the best coffee, or simply have artisanal cocktails in an idyllic setting.”

Leon Goldstein—also known as LG—sports a casual yet elegant design

As guests descend the set of stairs to enter Leon Goldstein, guests will notice that the restaurant is vast with jewel-colored sofas and seating dominating the space. There is also a fully stocked bar for guests to savor their distinctive and delectable cocktails while also taking in the calming live band performances and DJ sets.

On the main floor lies a contemporary all-day dining bistro, while at the top, their private room can accommodate up to 15 people.

It is the newest venture in Jakarta’s ever-growing F&B scene

As a new one-stop dining destination, Leon Goldstein also comes with a signature cocktail selection for those who want to end the day with good drinks. Our signature cocktails include the Love Train, a blend of Milagro Silver, Campari, Punt E Mes, Banana Liqueur, and Chili Tincure and Midnight Hour made with London Dry Gin, Almond liqueur, pear thyme syrup, citrus, and egg white.

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