Pizza Marzano’s New Menu for Italian Food Enthusiasts in Indonesia 

Pizza Marzano, a pizza restaurant owned by PT Sari Pizza Indonesia, has introduced ten new menus, spanning from starters, salad, pizza, pasta, and dessert. Starting April 28, 2022, these ten menus would indeed be available at the 25 Pizza Marzano restaurants nationwide. 

Quality, simplicity, health advantages, affordability, diversity, and taste are the major elements that make Italian food so popular around the world, including Indonesia. Pizza was first brought to Indonesia in the 1980s, and it gradually gained popularity among Indonesians. With its varied Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza, Pizza Marzano debuted in Indonesia in 2006 and has since become one of the country’s most popular restaurants. 

It’s monotonous to eat the same menu every time, therefore Pizza Marzano has created ten new menus, ranging from starters, salad, pizza, pasta, and dessert, which Italian food enthusiasts in Indonesia will undoubtedly like.

“We’re ecstatic to provide a new menu that’s both exciting and acceptable for Indonesian taste. Only the freshest ingredients are used in Pizza Marzano, resulting in an incomparable taste. This new menu is no exception, as it is prepared with fresh ingredients to increase customer satisfaction,” said Vasilis John Vasiliou, Leader of PT Sari Pizza Indonesia. 

Stimulate you appetite with the new three choices of starter and or salad from Pizza Marzano such as new choices are Rosemary and Garlic Flatbread with pesto, Mixes Salad with house dressing, and Roasted Salmon Salad. Because starter are the first food to give us an idea about the main course, the flavors of starter are often coordinated with the flavors of the main dish in a meal. 

Let us now go on to one of the main courses, Pizza. Pizza Marzano offers four appetite. La Regina which consist of new pizzas to tickle your Portobello Mushrooms, Chicken cooked slice, Beef Rasher stripes, black olives, Bocconcini mozzarella, garlic oil on béchamel based, Truffle oil and Chopped Parsley complete the dish. 

Peking Duck is made of Smoked Duck, Hoisin sauce, Chili crushed, Mozzarella. Spring onion, Cucumber and Chili are added towards the end. Salmon and Spinach Cream which consist of Salmon, Mozzarella, garlic oil on Cream Spinach based, Bocconcini and Pesto. The last one is Calzone Salami, with Beef Salami, Soft ‘Nduja beef sausage, Jalapeno pepper, red chili, Passata, Mozzarella, oregano and Parmesan. Fresh mixed salad and house dressing are served on the side. 

Fresh pasta has been made in Italian homes for years, but Indonesians also enjoy it, and Pizza Marzano brings two menus to the table. Penne and Cheese, the baked penne and cheese sauce, added by mozzarella, parmesan and bread crumbs. Finished with chopped parsley and basil. Spaghetti Gambaretti with tomato sauce, prawn, chili, garlic oil, basil, and parsley. 

Desserts, by virtue of their appearance on the menu, make us feel fulfilled after a meal, however you must take the pleasure in it. Salted Caramel Panna Cotta, served with Lotus Biscoff crumbs, Strawberry, and Caramel sauce, has been added to the Pizza Marzano menu. 

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