What’s Your Favourite Colour?

The Slate Phuket’s Refurbished Pearl Shell Suites Set the Tone for Your Perfect Vacation 

Embracing the psychological effects of colour, Phuket’s whimsical, art-inspired resort features a selection of palette contrasts and combinations to suit the emotional needs of its experience-seeking guests 

What’s your favourite colour? As children, this is one of the first questions we ask. But do you ever wonder why we prefer one shade to another? According to psychologists, different colours can have a dramatic effect on our moods, feelings and emotions. 

The Slate, the whimsical, art-inspired resort on Phuket’s secluded northwest shore, understand that different colour combinations can stimulate the senses. It is no coincidence each of the resort’s newly refurbished Pearl Shell Suites has its own distinct palette, as Bill Bensley, the visionary architect and artist, harnessed the power of colour in his design. Let’s take a closer look… 

The pink & turquoise One Bedroom Pearl Shell Suite is perfect for guests planning a romantic getaway 

The Slate’s one and two bedroom spectacular Pearl Shell Suites are all filled with bold floral patterns, accented with wood, stone and metal to exude an atmosphere of organic elegance. These sublime refreshed sanctuaries are adorned with plush furnishings and original artworks, while also showcasing breath-taking views of verdant trees and gardens, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outside. But if you want to customise your stay to suit your personality or preference, check out the creative colour schemes: 

The LIME GREEN One Bedroom Pearl Shell Suite (132m2) is perfectly suited to guests who desire a SERENE retreat – a safe and spiritual escape from their daily lives. While green is a soothing colour commonly associated with nature and healing, this vibrant shade is blended with yellow, which embodies warmth and happiness. The result is an ambience of utter bliss! 

A sense of style and sophistication flows through the bold black & white Pearl Shell Suite 

PINK & TURQUOISE may not sound like natural bedfellows, but they work together harmoniously in our One Bedroom Pearl Shell Suite! Pink is the colour of sweetness and sincerity, while turquoise combines the freshness and vitality of green with the trust and loyalty of blue. What could be better for couples planning a ROMANTIC getaway in paradise? 

BLACK & is the ultimate contrast. But opposites attract, and guests staying in one of the One Bedroom Pearl Shell Suite will find the perfect symphony of security, strength and formality, as indicated by black, and the clean, honest simplicity signified by white. This monochrome palette sets the scene for guests seeking a stylish and SOPHISTICATED sojourn. 

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