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Interestingly, while capable of offering various flavor profiles to different people, Gabriel said that it is essential for Santanera to use as many local ingredients as possible.

“Picante 37 is now another best-selling drink and it has Tamarillo, which can be found in Colombia but is also available here in Bali. If you’re Colombians traveling in Bali, this is something that you would notice,” he added.

Santanera is currently expanding their wine list to cater to wine aficionados, novices, and casual wine drinkers. “Most people tend to go with the wine that they know because it’s less risky, especially when you buy a bottle. We want to encourage them towards discovering something that they don’t know already but might like by allowing them to taste new wine by the glass,” he said.

Santanera’s worldwide-approach wine collection currently comes from Argentina, Italy, France, Spain, Chile, and Germany as they continuously try to feature more countries of origins.

Similarly, Santanera’s food menu also aims to bring together cuisines of the world in their finest form. Organic, farm-to-plate produce takes center stage, where every ingredient has been primed and refined to create contemporary tapas plates to swap, sample and share.

Smoked, whipped, marinated, or chargrilled, farm-fresh delicacies from the land and sea are reimagined into dishes from Latin America, Europe, the Mediterranean, and beyond.

One of the highlights of Santanera’s menu is their beef tenderloin, which they already have when they first opened on Nov. 18. Inspired by a traditional Colombian dish called  ‘Lomo al trapo’, the tenderloin is rolled in rock salt and a piece of cloth that is soaked in beer. The steak is later placed directly on the burning coals for about 8 minutes.

“This dish has a very emotional connection to us as this is the way our parents cooked beef on Sundays for the family,” according to German, originally from Colombia.

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