Chubb Life Indonesia Provides Life Insurance Protection for Syailendra Capital’s Customers

PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia (Chubb Life Indonesia) now provides life insurance protection for PT Syailendra Capital’s new customers (Syailendra Capital) through the SBOF Protection Plus program: mutual fund investment with premium-free insurance bonus. This is in line with the commitment of Chubb Life Indonesia and Syailendra Capital being partners to provide protection to Indonesian families.

The SBOF Protection Plus program includes Chubb’s Group Term Life product which provides life protection benefits for Syailendra Capital’s new customers. A Death Compensation will be given when the customer passes away due to illness or accident during the insured period. This gives customers a peace of mind, knowing that their families and loved ones will be protected financially, on top of the challenges they have to combat brought on by the ongoing pandemic. 

“This protection is a good opportunity for both parties to expand their businesses. At Chubb, we’re always looking for innovative solutions to meet our vision of continuous growth.” said Kumaran Chinan, Country President of Chubb Life Indonesia. 

The SBOF Protection Plus program is also easily accessible through Syailendra Capital’s mutual fund online application, YO! inves.

“For us, the safety and comfort of customers with investing is the main thing. Therefore, we continue to innovate in maintaining and improving a good investment experience for our customers. We see Chubb Life Indonesia as the right partner for us in providing life protection for our customers,” Fajar Rachman Hidajat, President Director of Syailendra Capital added.

Chubb Life Indonesia is a life insurance company that has 14 marketing offices throughout Indonesia with an RBC value of 2,342.51% and offers a variety of life insurance protection and unit-linked products distributed through multiple channels, including agents, brokers, banks and digital networks.

Chubb Life Indonesia has paid out 95% of claims received in 2021, equivalent to the amount of IDR 223.1 billion, which is higher than the industry average of 90%.

Meanwhile, Syailendra Capital is one of the investment management companies with the largest total managed funds in Indonesia, which until now has reached Rp25.6 trillion. The company was established in 2006 with the aim of being professional and independent with no affiliation to any party.

Syailendra Capital continues to actively innovate to create the highest quality products, services, and programs for all customers. 

“With this collaboration, more families in Indonesia will receive services and protection from Chubb Life Indonesia and Syailendra Capital. We hope to provide the best experience for our customers”, Kumaran Chinan concluded.

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