Konnichiwa Coffee – Gorudo Coffee Bean

Konnichiwa Coffee, which carries the concept of Japanese-style coffee, is now present as a representation of Indonesia’s natural wealth. Kopi Konnichiwa’s mission with the launch of Flores coffee beans is to invite all levels of Indonesian society to appreciate and love natural products from their own country, one of which is coffee beans. 

Konnichiwa Coffee will introduce its newest coffee bean, Gorudo beans, which are 100 percent arabica and single origin from Flores. Gorudo Beans are 100% Indonesian coffee with a slightly sour and bitter taste and an aromatic aroma of spices and chocolate.

This Konnichiwa coffee bean variant differs from the previous Konnichiwa coffee bean variant, the Konnichiwa blend. The most noticeable distinction is that the Konnichiwa blend variant uses robusta coffee beans, whereas the Gorudo beans variant uses Arabica coffee beans. 

The two coffee beans mentioned above have distinct characteristics and connoisseurs. With Gorudo beans, this variant is expected to appeal to friends who prefer less bitter and strong coffee. 

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