HB Signature, Shophouse Featuring Alfresco Dining Concept with Wide Sky Balcony and Outdoor Terrace

Jababeka Residence, the largest and most comprehensive smart township officially launches HB Signature, a two-story shophouse in the middle of a commercially strategic area located at the heart of the city, surrounded by housing areas and the largest captive market East of Jakarta. HB Signature Shophouse offers numerous classy facilities featuring alfresco dining with a very balcony and terrace (outdoor terrace and sky balcony), designed especially with exclusive stairs access to the second floor enabling the owner, as a business person, to run two separate businesses on each floor.  

General Manager of the Corporate Marketing of Jababeka Residence, Eric Limansantoso expressed that he was, “Happy and proud, this year Jababeka is able to come up with its latest product in property: Jababeka Residence, HB Signature, an exceptional shophouse product with so many benefits to offer such as a super strategic location, alfresco dining concept, a wide and mild semi-opened dining area as well as a 6-meter wide outdoor terrace as well as a 3-meter sky balcony on the second floor, the widest in its class. There’s also free awning, bicycle parklet, and a special motorcycle parking space.” 

Eric further revealed that HB Signature is being offered at the price of Rp1,6 billion, available in two types: standard and hook. The strategic location turns HB Signature Shophouse into a business destination with its own unique attraction among investors and business owners.

With the marketing for HB Signature Shophouse being officially opened, Jababeka Residence offers a prime chance for business owners and investors looking for a strategic location and a good investment.

In addition, HB Signature serves as a solution for business owners and investors looking to jump-start their business or investment during the new normal period.

”The condition set by the pandemic has changed our lifestyle where Street Mals are being visited again which falls in line with HB Signature supporting a modern shophouse providing a wide and open space which is important and preferred by both business owners as well as visitors for culinary businesses, Food & Beverage whereas the need for outdoor space is crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Eric Limansantoso.

Jababeka Residence becomes a magnet to business owners but not without a good reason. There are a number of benefits offered to be considered when choosing Jababeka Residence. The high market potential from the captive market in the Jababeka Residence area thriving due to the establishment of a number of giant corporations in the region. 

At least in this area, there are 1,2 million people doing their activity on daily basis, with a number of workers up to more than 730,000 orang and 10,000 foreign workers. Considerable high traffic is another point of consideration. Becoming a national economic center enables areas around Jababeka Residence to develop high traffic of vehicles. According to record, there are more than 10,000 vehicles passing Jababeka Residence’s main areas.

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