Disrupting The Norm: The Rise of Digital Banking in Indonesia 

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the rapid digitization in the banking industry has given birth to digital banks. These digital banks have not only been giving users access to their usual banking services, but they have also opened new opportunities to change the way people have financial transactions. With these factors, digital banks have become a disruptor for the banking industry. 

“The development of digital banking is one of the ways of conventional banking to keep up with the digitalization. It helps us to live our life comfortably,” says Santi Handono, Indonesia Insights Analyst, Isentia, states. Isentia’s ID Insights Manager Jessica Aditya adds, “With no physical office, digital banks rely heavily on digital channels, including social media, to interact with customers.” 

Isentia, with its leading media intelligence and insights capacities, identifies the relevant trends and innovations in digital banking that digital banks in Indonesia carried out. The paper, available through this link, discusses how netizens responded to the trends and innovations relating to digital banking in Indonesia. 

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