Pongo Join Hands with JD.ID to Create a Booming Live-shop on Tiktok

Leading a New Shopping Trend on 12.12

Pongo, an e-commerce and influencer marketing company, has continued to grow rapidly since it received a Series A financing round of USD 7.71 million or around Rp. 110 billion from SMZDM, Lenovo Venture Capital, and Grit Ventures some time ago. To date, Pongo has provided services for live streaming and short video services for brands across various markets, a service that is still quite rare in Indonesia. One of the brands that Pongo Indonesia is currently working closely with is JD.ID to initiate a TikTok live streaming event. 

With the upcoming 12.12 Harbolnas shopping festival, Pongo Indonesia aims to enliven the event with a TikTok live streaming event with JD.ID to cater for the growing consumer demand on the social media platform. The major live streaming event was held on JD.ID’s official TikTok account @jdid_mart on December 8, 2021 for 8 hours. And, another soon-upcoming live event will be held on December 11, 2021 on their own TikTok account @bestandfirst.id for 12 hours non-stop with @teriyuloh as a guest star.

“In general, compared to other e-commerce platforms, TikTok e-commerce enthusiasts are still in a relatively new stage. However, the increasing traffic on TikTok and increasing user interest, of course this platform will develop quickly in the future. We believe that this can have a good long-term impact for the Pongo Indonesia team, which does have expertise in short video content creation and is engaged in the live streaming business industry,” said Nathasya Kristianto, Director of Pongo Indonesia.

The collaboration between Pongo Indonesia and JD.ID has reaped success since late October. Pongo Indonesia became the service provider for TikTok account operators at the 11.11 shopping festival. The live streaming, which was held for 6 days from zero, was viewed by more than 230,000 people. In addition, the repurchase rate of goods reached 57.24% from the young consumer group. Meanwhile, the number of followers of the account also increased by 472 times.

The success of the live streaming event was due to the positioning developed by the Pongo Indonesia team to leverage product sales based on data analytics. Pongo Indonesia’s team has analyzed current trends in consumer behavior in Indonesia using big data tools and analysis from its own platform. With the help of the platform, Pongo Indonesia has found which categories of goods and products have increased sales in Indonesia, and created a positioning for the new account.

“We have screened almost 100 featured products that appear during live streaming. Focusing on Tiktok’s operational model, we used a new method by including short videos during the live streaming, where this method has helped JD.ID accounts to form and strengthen a consistent brand image with them,” added Nathasya.

Recently, Pongo Indonesia received the TikTok Excellence Service Provider award as an excellent TSP Tiktok service provider. In addition, livestreamers from Pongo Indonesia’s incubation program received high rankings on TikTok’s official livestreamer competition Goelive and received several awards, namely Premium Referrer, Potential Referrer, and Encourage Award. 

“Currently, Pongo Indonesia, as one of the top TikTok’s partners, operates brand accounts on Tiktok in all aspects, where we strive to provide the most complete product combination possible and emphasize efficiency in goods logistics as a service partner of the brand. We hope that our collaboration with JD.ID for the “12.12” Online Shopping Festival will encourage us to be even better,” said Nathasya.

In line with Pongo Indonesia’s efforts to collaborate with various brands, the professionalism of the livestreamers must also continue to increase through the development and improvement of the management system and talent incubation. Through a rigorous selection and training process, Pongo Indonesia has comprehensively improved the professionalism of its livestreamers.

Now livestreamers are no longer relying on their cellphones but have switched to more professional equipment, so they can produce clearer picture and sound quality than before.

In the future, Pongo Indonesia will continue to increase investment in influencers incubation, live streaming, launching and operating accounts around the TikTok ecosystem.

In addition, Pongo Indonesia will also forge more high-quality human and marketing resources, as well as provide more diverse marketing strategies and services to various brands.

“We have a team of specialists for each division with specific knowledge regarding content marketing. This is our effort to improve the quality of live streams through various initiatives and one of them is a short 15 second video. We also have an e-commerce livestreamer incubation program, Pongo Talent, which is a training program for live streamers to have a training program and become a livestreamer. We believe that this training program will generate new income opportunities, so we invite the best live streaming talents in Indonesia and for that, I invite those who are interested to register themselves at the following link pongoindonesia.com or drop us an email at [email protected],” close Nathasya.

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