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Survey: 31% of Singles in Indonesia, Get More Pressure to Get Married from Surrounding Society Than from Family

People tend to chase their goals and ambitions during a productive age. After everything has been achieved, having a lifetime partner that’s fit and then building our own happy family is everyone’s dream. Even though it seems so easy, having a lifetime partner that suits our criteria is not a piece of cake. Especially if there is pressure from family and surrounding people to get married immediately, it makes Singles tend to feel burdened.

Lunch Actually has launched survey results from 640 Singles in Indonesia. The data show that 31% of Singles get the pressure to get married immediately from surrounding society, and 29% get the same pressure from family. It means that Singles in Indonesia get the pressure to get married from surrounding society rather than from their own family.

Nowadays, having a lifetime partner is not as easy as we imagine. Pandemic Covid-19 worsens the conditions because social activities, community, and company gatherings are minimal. This current condition makes the possibility of Singles meeting new people even harder. Getting rid of the pressure of getting married faster seems impossible.

Violet Lim, CEO and Co-Founder of Lunch Actually, said that “While we understand how they feel, especially after a year of safe-distancing and Covid restrictions, we want to encourage singles that they should overcome this hurdle as meeting new people on dates is the first step to finding a lifelong partner.” when interviewed online at (December 1st, 2021).

According to the survey result, 98% of Singles wanted to have a serious relationship. But 50% among them did not even go to date during Pandemic Covid-19. How could they meet the one? Here are the tips for Singles:

  1. Sign Up on Dating Apps

Dating apps are one of the solutions to get a partner without the need to go on a date somewhere. If the purpose is to get to know someone new, everything could happen by using a smartphone. But indeed, as an online platform user, dating someone through dating apps must remain vigilant with all the risks.

62% of Singles say that dating apps users are just looking for fun and don’t mean to look for a serious partner. 42% of Singles even say they’ve run into a scammer.

Preferably, dating apps users have to be more careful in choosing the partners they meet. So it can decrease the possibility of things that are not desirable or even detrimental.

  1. Virtual Dating

Virtual dates are one of the choices for Singles to prevent spreading the virus Covid-19 that could happen during the actual dates. Virtual dating can also give Singles more advantages, such as less energy and less budget burned to go to the dating place.

But since it’s the next level thing to have a virtual date, the first step we need to do is find the contact or details of a person that matches our criteria, which is problematic if we don’t have activities that include many audiences.

  1. Social Events

There are so many kinds of social events, both virtually or offline events with several pandemic conditions. By following social events, Singles have a chance to make new friends. The moment could be momentum for Singles to show the ability and get attention from other singles with a common interest.

  1. Sign up as A Member at Lunch Actually

As Asia’s first and largest lunch dating company, if you become a member at Lunch Actually could be the safest choice. Unlike dating apps, Lunch Actually prioritizes the client’s needs, including the data screening process for every member. The process is to prevent scams that happen most likely on dating apps, such as a married person pretending to be single, material scams such as pretending to be CEO even though that person is just unemployed.

Lunch Actually also provides date coaching and image coaching services to help our clients increase their success rate. Sign up as a member at Lunch Actually is the best choice because it could give you more benefits than others.

“We have been building a virtual community through the webinars that we have been running since April last year. We also provide coaching services to help increase the chances of finding love for our singles,” Violet adds.

From all the tips mentioned above to get a lifetime partner, which one that you’ve already tried?

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