First Date Guide for Singles to Successfully Find Love in 2022

No More Left Hanging After First Date!

Many singles have been left hanging after returning home from their first date. The following questions invariably come up: “What did I do wrong?” “Is my appearance not attractive enough?” “Am I kind of a boring person?” These questions may never come out from singles if they know the common mistakes they probably make during the first date.

Lunch Actually, the pioneer dating Agency in Asia helps singles to discover common mistakes during a first date and gives the ultimate guide for singles to have a perfect first date through its free webinar “Your Ultimate First Date Guide!”

The webinar was attended by more than 140 singles from various countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, etc. Most of the participants are singles with different experiences who went on not-so-good first dates. At the webinar, Violet Lim, Co-Founder and CEO of Lunch Actually, and Rose Wan, love expert and Head of Lunch Actually Singapore also shared their expertise as professional cupids.

During the webinar session, Violet and Rose shared these 3 common mistakes that most of the singles do on a first date:

  1. Do not put enough effort

According to Rose, this mostly happened to single guys. They are not dressing up or putting the effort on their appearance, hoping that their dates should understand and accept them as they are. Even though singles want someone to accept them for who they are, Rose said just like how one would prepare well for a job interview, singles too, should show the best version of themselves on a first date. 

  1. Phone Dependency

Violet added that another common mistake that singles make is frequently checking up on their phone. While dating, singles are supposed to pay attention to each other to show their respect and interest. 

  1. Unbalanced conversation

Lastly, according to Rose, having an unbalanced conversation is another mistake. If you are not asking questions, it’s not right. If you’re asking too many questions to the point like you’re interrogating your date, it’s not right either. You need to make sure that you make a balanced conversation – like playing a game of ping pong. Ask questions, and remember to also share about yourself.

After singles know the common mistakes they may make during their first date, Violet and Rose share their first date guide which can increase your chances of getting a second one:

Try to build interesting conversations. Rose explained that most singles feel nervous about going on a date, however some topics are better avoided for the time being. For example, talking about an ex, bragging about their income and talking too much about themselves. 

When singles know the boundaries of what to talk and not to talk, Rose also gives some tips on how singles can make themselves look more attractive to their dates. Such as, being polite and kind not only to their dates but also to people in surrounding areas such as the waiters. For more tips, visit Lunch Actually or watch the video here.

About Lunch Actually

Founded by a husband-and-wife team Jamie Lee and Violet Lim in 2004 to help busy and successful singles find love, homegrown company Lunch Actually has since become the region’s largest lunch dating service. The company has arranged more than 140,000 dates and matched more than 4,500 happily married couples. It has been featured in more than 4,000 media including Bloomberg, BBC and CNBC. Lunch Actually helps singles meet compatible and like-minded singles through pre-screened, pre-matched, and pre-arranged one-to-one dates, to achieve their goal of 1 million happy marriages. For more information, visit

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