Celebrating Its 6th Anniversary, Masama Fit & Fun Studio Holds 6embira Masama

Taking Part During the Pandemic, Masama Studio Targets Participants from Domestic and Foreign Online Communities

Celebrating its 6th anniversary and while still in the Covid-19 pandemic, Masama Fit & Fun Studio invites the public to live healthier and fitter by holding a sports event with the theme 6embira Masama. In its 6th year, Masama has succeeded in developing itself as a forum for the community to gather participants from not only Jabodetabek but also various cities in the world, channeling energy that is the choice among sports lovers.

The founder of Masama Studio Fit & Fun, Helen Irawati said, “Our studio celebrates its 6th anniversary and we celebrate it by holding the 6embira Masama event. This year, Masama Studio wants to be stronger as a community that can become a forum for members to stay active and continue to be able to channel their healthy lifestyle by exercising, even though we are all still in a pandemic atmosphere. It is our mission to spread positivity, fun and happiness through sport.”

Saririe Dewi as the co-founder who is also the Yoga & Pound Fit instructor added, “We are so grateful that with the pandemic, the online community of Masama is actually growing, especially the number of participants from abroad. I believe that together we are able to build our creativity and passion to become a great strength, so that sports activities in our studio can be an inspiration for many people who want to change their lifestyle to be healthier. Various types of fun sports classes with competent instructors are available in our studio”.

Meanwhile, Jansen Ongko, the founder of the Association of Indonesian Fitness Centers (APKI) as well as a health and fitness instructor, said that a business that can survive in the pandemic era certainly requires big sacrifices, including fitness centers. But as the wise words uttered by scientist Charles Darwin, it is not those who are the strongest or the most intelligent who are able to survive, but those who are most able to adapt to change. Hopefully this challenge will make us wiser in making critical decisions. Happy 6th Anniversary to Masama Studio.

The 6embira Masama event will be held on Saturday-Sunday, 13-14 November 2021 at Masama Studio Fit & Fun located on Jl Terogong Raya No.14E, West Cilandak. There are 4 classes that are held online and offline (Limited) to choose from, namely L.I.I.T x Strong Nation 30, Jazzercise x Hip Hop Cardio, Zumba x Zumba Toning and Pop Pilates x Pound Fit.

What makes Masama Studio Fit & Fun different from other sports studios is the Jazzercise class which is only available in this studio. Jazzercise is a dance-based sports activity created by Judi Sheppard Missett, and this year Jazzercise turns 52 years old. This type of exercise is constantly developing new movements that use intensity training for a fun calorie burn.

In addition, in 2021, Helen has also just added a Pop Pilates class, Pop Pilates is an exercise that takes the basics of Pilates but is modified to make it easier for all levels to follow. Unlike the classic pilates, Pop Pilates is packed with music and choreo making it more interesting. The initiator is Cassey Ho, an American influencer who often shares exercise tips on social media. Other sports such as Strong Nation 30, LIIT, Yoga, Zumba and Hip Hop Cardio classes are available for all member to join every Monday-Saturday according to the schedule.

Welcoming MASAMA’s 6th anniversary, below are a number of active participants giving their remarks and testimonies.

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