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A Tribute to Balinese Architecture at Amandari

In celebration of Balinese culture and architecture, Amandari is proud to host a book launch and photo exhibition for Timeless Harmony, a book that showcases the true meaning and philosophy behind Balinese architecture, from 17 – 30 October 2021. The book tells a 10-year journey of incorporating uncommon Balinese philosophy and cultural approach to modern architectural design by SHL Asia, seen through the lens of hospitality photographer, Rusdi Sanad, who will also be present in the book launch at Amandari. 

Timeless Harmony consists of five chapters, the introduction chapter is titled Desa Kala Patra, a phrase used in the ancient Balinese philosophies that explores the ability of society to adapt to a certain place (Desa), time (Kala) and situation (Patra). This philosophy has become the foundation of the Balinese architecture showcased in the book, staying true to the cultural values while also being accommodative towards modern society. 

Amandari, Indonesia – Resort Walkways to Suites

The rich cultural history, architecture, and neighbourhood of Amandari have made the resort an ideal place to celebrate the launch of this book. Further showcasing the beautiful work of SHL Asia and Rusdi Sanad, guests at Amandari are invited to the Timeless Harmony Photography Exhibition on the second floor of the restaurant to immerse in the true concept of Desa Kala Patra while enjoying delectable light bites and drinks. The launch and the exhibition of the Timeless Harmony book is part of Amandari’s collaboration with the 18th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2021, held from 8 – 17 October 2021. 


The purpose of the Timeless Harmony book is to commemorate the exceptional Balinese philosophy through design with a greater intention to reintroduce the Balinese culture. Through this collaboration, SHL Asia and Rusdi Sanad address their contribution to conserve the true culture of the island by giving a new perspective and as a medium to pass on the value of local culture to generations to come. 

The chapters in Timeless Harmony book are named after Balinese phrases; DesaKarang Awak, Wana and Pesisi which showcase different characters of architecture across Bali from villas, hotels, and resorts. The Desa chapter tells the stories of village life, which emphasizes the utilization of materials, pattern, selection of plants, and the implementation of the artwork.

The Karang Awak chapter adapts the old Geguritan (poem) written by a highly acknowledged Balinese wordsmith in the 20th century, Ida Pedanda Made Sidemen. The paramount chapter of the book, Karang Awak tells the story of cultivation and reflection of oneself, which is reflected through each of the designs featured in this chapter.

The Wana chapter highlights the elements of nature in the architectural designs, respectfully blending in the natural surroundings to reflect the relationship between humans and nature. The last chapter that closes the book beautifully, Pesisi, emphasizes the significant role and meaning of water to Bali and how it is strategically placed in the design, inspired by the stunning coastal ambiance of the island.

The harmonious connection between SHL Asia’s design as well as the connection to the site is vividly captured through Rusdi Sanad’s lens, who focuses on expressing the actual meaning of the design based on the architecture, time, and the location of the project. 


SHL Asia is a Bali-based consultant for architecture, landscape, interior, lighting, and artwork design specializing in hospitality that has worked with international brands from five-star resorts, boutique hotels to exclusive villas in Bali and across the nation as well as India.

The two founders and principals, Sasta Jelantik and Jung Yat, share the same vision on landscape, architecture and design and since then, SHL Asia continuously produces designs that adopt the Balinese script to interpret the locality of Bali. 

I Kadek Agus J. Sastaparamartha or Sasta Jelantik is passionate about nature and art. His introduction to landscape did not happen until a few years later when he was working at Bensley Design Studio.

He admired the idyllic design and style of Bensley and succeeded in earning the trust to lead a project in Shanghai, China where he met his partner, I Gusti Agung Ngurah Widianingrat, also known as Jung Yat. They share the same passion in art and landscape and together they successfully established SHL Asia. 

Rusdi Sanad has been a professional photographer since 2007 and focuses on commercial photography for corporates and architecture with a specialty in hospitality. His works have been showcased globally, including in China, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore.

His ability in capturing the true character of an object resulted in various collaborations between him and top brands in Bali including Aman. His photography work is displayed at Amandari for the Timeless Harmony book launch and photo exhibition which is open to public. Sanad continuously contributes to the community by hosting photography workshops for young and aspiring photographers. 

The Timeless Harmony Photography Exhibition at Amandari will showcase the stunning work of Rusdi Sanad in capturing the Balinese philosophy through SHL Asia’s designs from his point of view. The launch and the exhibition of the Timeless Harmony book is part of Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, with the book launch and the exclusive preview of the exhibition at Amandari broadcasted through the festival’s YouTube channel on 16 October 2021.

Aligning with the book’s inspiration, this year’s theme for Ubud Writer’s & Readers Festival was drawn from a Balinese-Hindu philosophy, Mulat Sarira, interpreted in English as Self-Reflection. The festival will explore self-reflection, cultural introspection, and human rights: examining who people are, what unites and divides people, and what drives people’s actions.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or at +62 361 84 68585. 

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