Something Interesting by Booking Online through the Aviary Bintaro Website

Another interesting treat comes by offering a wide selection of programs during the month of September. Starts booking through the official website at and show your vaccine card get 10% discount for food and bevarage at Starling Eatery.

Sleepover Surprize will be the magic’s day to celebrate the birthday blast. Starts from Rp 1.000.000 nett included birthday decoration, birthday slice cake and breakfast, available in all our spacious type of rooms. Special for couples, we have Honeymoon Deals starts from Rp 1.585.000 nett only at our spacious Junior Flat Room, rates are included with romantic decoration, romantic dinner, breakfast and welcoming slice cake for the two of you. These special promotion is available only at the website of, order now before its too late!!

Sleepover Surprize Room Package.

Starling Eatery offering the best culinary in town, exciting food and beverages for the whole month of September. Its Hainan Chicken Rice, a savory rice cooked with oil and chicken broth, ginger and pandan leaves for only Rp 95.000 nett included sweet ice tea. The best choices of beef, its Beef Teriyaki, combined with homemade teriyaki sauce and mixed vegetables on top, creats salty and sweet taste for only Rp 126.000 nett included steamed rice and sweet ice tea.

Beef Teriyaki with the best choices of beef and a homemade sauce.

Great choices for Green Coffee Mocktail, a combination taste of sweet is from syrup, a fresh taste from fruits and a warm feel is from mint leaves. Can be enjoy for only Rp 55.000nett. Best beverages during rainy days, we offered you a Sunset Herbs Tea, a combination between a refreshing Thai Tea, ginger and peanut sprinkled at the sides for only Rp 45.000 nett.

Nest @ Aviary, Our facilites at the Roof Top is RE-OPEN NOW!

Its back on the weekend, kid’s activities and families, the fun with Sun Conure, one of our bird’s collection of parrots from South America every Saturday and Sunday at 09.00 – 09.30 WIB at the Giant Aviary.

For hotel facilites, we re-opened for swimming pool and kid’s playground only at our rooftop from 06.00 – 18.00 WIB following with strictly and healthy protocols. Your staycation will be starts now and feel like fly me to the room.

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