Movement to Support the Role of Mothers during the Pandemic

A mother plays such an essential role in family dynamics. Serving multiple roles that make her versatile, now amidst a pandemic, mothers’ multitasking ability gets continuously tempered with the increasingly complex household tasks to perform. A mother becomes a figure who allows her family to continue to function and to progress. 

Mothers on Mission (MoM) is a social enterprise that provides a conducive and supportive environment for mothers who want to continue to be productive, to achieve their aspirations and dreams without leaving their routines of taking care of the household.

In celebration of its fourth anniversary this year, MoM launches the #StandUp4Moms movement. It is a movement to support mothers to be able to keep their spirits high despite facing various challenges during this time of pandemic.

Widya Safitri the CEO of Mothers on Mission (MoM) and MoM Academy (MoMA) said, “A conducive support environment plays an increasingly crucial role for mothers to help one another. In this situation, we see that the community of mothers can be a forum to for mothers who face various similar challenges to strengthen one another.”

“For this reason, Mothers on Mission (MoM) and its MoM Academy (MoMA) community encourage women to keep working even from home by launching #Standup4Moms movement to celebrate the important role that mothers have so that mothers provide support, spread enthusiasm and inspire their fellow women peers to stay strong and be the best mothers for themselves and their families.”

#Standup4Moms is dedicated to all mothers in Indonesia who continue to struggle and work with enthusiasm even in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

Through the 2021 MomFest, the celebration awards MoM Heroes who have shown perseverance and hardwork for their families as well as give positive impacts to their surrounding environment. 

The awards come in 9 categories: environment, woman empowerment, family education, women and children rights, economy, social, technology and innovation, and family health.

In addition, it also presents Panel Discussion sessions led by great women in their fields such as Putri Noor Shaqina as the Co-Founder of Woobiz, Davrina Rianda as Founder of Smart Lab, Monique Hardjoko as Founder of Rasa Wastra Indonesia, Irma Sustika as Founder of Womanpreneur Community, and Muri Handayani as Founder of Online School Business under the theme ‘Challenges and the Multiple Roles of Mothers in time of Pandemic’.

Becoming a part of FAB Indonesia

MoM is now one of the organizations under the auspices of FAB Indonesia; a rapidly growing creative business platform in Indonesia that is building its trusted and strong network by empowering brands and communities. FAB Indonesia provides strategic recommendations to the right audience, and advises brands to have a social impact.

Lia Sunarjo, the Managing Director of FAB Indonesia said, “FAB Indonesia is very pleased to welcome MoM to become part of FAB. With its mission of giving concrete social impacts, we believe MoM will become a platform that can be a strategic partner for brands and companies that share the values and thinking about providing access to appropriate empowerment to mothers. Because brands and companies can also play a role in helping communities grow and in giving direct impacts to society.”

“With the support from FAB Indonesia, we hope to reach more women to enable them to support one another, continue their productive activities and achieve their dreams,” concluded Widya.

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