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Aman is pleased to announce a partnership with Chef Norbert Niederkofler, to minimise the environmental footprint for food and beverage offerings and to drive the culinary concepts across its global constellation. Completely aligned with Aman’s commitment to a more sustainable future, the legendary chef has won international recognition not just for his three Michelin-starred cuisine at St. Hubertus, his restaurant at Aman partner hotel, Rosa Alpina, but for leading the conversation on sustainable fine dining.

Aman is the first brand to partner with Niederkofler as consultant chef, who will now work with the culinary teams at 33 hotels across 20 destinations to create new menus as well as teaching each property to use sustainably sourced local ingredients. 

From genuine service to innovative wellness – Aman has long prided itself on its pioneering outlook on hospitality. However, the brand has also become synonymous with exemplary design and architecture with its environmentally sensitive approach: building sanctuaries that not only blend into their unique settings but also respect the heritage of their locations.

Following on from this philosophy, the Japanese notion of kaiteki – an ideal state for people, society and earth that transcends time and generations – forms an integral part of Aman’s ethos and has increasingly informed the brand’s growth over the past few years. 

Niederkofler first joined Aman on this journey through his consulting role at Aman Venice where he continues to work with the team to play a part in their menu and culinary concepts as well as holding events. Following the success of this relationship he will now influence and educate every Aman resort and hotel so they can contribute to a better future for all through the finest, most sustainable ingredients while supporting producers in local communities.

These values are intrinsic to Niederkofler’s approach as sustainable dining is something he practices daily with his ‘Cook the Mountain’ philosophy at St. Hubertus and AlpiNN Food Space & Restaurant, the latter of which is located 2,275 metres above sea level. Using only seasonal ingredients sourced within the restaurants’ vicinity, he ensures that absolutely nothing goes to waste.

This mission, to create a more sustainable approach to gourmet cuisine without compromising on creativity, is one that will inspire the culinary philosophy at Aman properties around the world – from the jungles of Amanjiwo to the couloirs of Amangani. 

Niederkofler commented on his future with Aman, “I am thrilled to embark on this new journey with Aman – a brand that shares my passion for conserving and celebrating the natural beauty found in the world’s most unique destinations. I look forward to the challenge of developing menus in these remote locations and helping Aman guests connect even more with their surroundings.”

A movement that has recently grown into a food revolution, sustainable fine dining was formally acknowledged in early 2020 with the launch of a new Michelin Guide symbol. The green Michelin four-leaf clover honours those in the industry – Niederkofler prime among them – who are conserving Earth’s resources in every possible way.

Speaking on Aman’s partnership with Niederkofler, COO Roland Fasel said, “Aman is now in  its fourth decade and over the past 32-years we have worked to future-proof ourselves, innovating not only in the hospitality sector of the business but as a brand that adapts with the times. Our partnership with Norbert Niederkofler not only reflects this pioneering philosophy but celebrates our local communities who are at the very heart of Aman.”

Norbert Niederkofler has already commenced his work alongside Aman, with plans to consult with all 33 hotels and resorts this year. 

Aman Venice, Italy – Dining – Chef Norbert Niederkofler


Aman was founded in 1988 with the vision of building a collection of intimate retreats with the unassuming, warm hospitality of a gracious private home. The first, Amanpuri (place of peace) in Phuket, Thailand, introduced the concept and, since then, Aman has grown to encompass 33 exquisitely serene hotels and resorts in 20 destinations across the world, with a further seven under construction. The next Aman to open will be Aman New York.

The introduction of Aman Skincare in 2018 and SVA in 2020 has continued the holistic journey beyond the perimeters of Aman’s havens. Offering a soothing journey to a place of beautifully scented repose and respite, Aman Skincare represents the spirit of Aman in a bottle. Meanwhile, SVA’s range of all-natural food supplements allow Aman guests to maintain optimum health, supporting one’s wellness journey from the comfort of their own home.    

In 2020, Aman not only welcomed Aman Fine Fragrance, a sophisticated collection of scents echoing Aman destinations but also a new hotel brand, Janu – meaning ‘soul’ in Sanskrit. Janu offers a unique take on hospitality where genuine human interaction, playful expression and social wellness are at the core of the experience.

Janu aims to bring balance to the head and heart and rekindle the soul. Janu launches with three forthcoming hotels which are already under construction: Montenegro (2022), Al Ula in Saudi Arabia (2022) and Tokyo (2022), as well as a robust pipeline of future hotels. Janu Montenegro will be the first hotel to incorporate the brands serviced residence concept, enabling guests to wholly embrace the Janu lifestyle.   

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