Malaysian Retail Chain for Building Material and Ceramic Opens Its First Store

Super Ceramic Tiles is Offering A Trendy and DIY (Do It Yourself) Lifestyle, Super Ceramic Tiles Opens Its First Shop in Pekayon, Bekasi, Tendering to Convenience in Shopping For Building Material On A Store Area of 1,600 m2.

Popular Malaysian building material retail chain, Super Ceramic Tiles & Design Sdn. Bhd (“Super Ceramic”), through PT Sumber Setia Kreasi is officially launching its first shop in Indonesia in the beginning of this year, located in Pekayon Bekasi.  Founded in 1998, Super Ceramic Tiles & Design Sdn. Bhd (“Super Ceramic”), began as a dealer in building material such as local and imported quality tiles, glass mosaic, gravel, flat stone, tile adhesive, and tile trim from numerous well-known brands. 

Super Ceramic, which in Malaysia already has 19 stores and showrooms, is presenting a new and modern concept in experiencing a new trendy lifestyle, including a DIY-concept store selling quality products in house renovations such as paint, door, lock, drape, as well as unique offerings like a negotiable price, free 3D design and fast delivery. 

Super Ceramic Tiles Pekayon Bekasi caters to a convenient ceramic and building material shopping experience, occupying a store area of 1,600 m2 with vehicle parking area of 1,000m2.  

Still in the spirit of business expansion, the company is planning to open another shop this year located also in Bekasi.

President Director of PT Sumber Setia Kreasi, Trix Wong, stated that, “We are very thankful, proud and happy to be in Indonesia this year. Super Ceramic Tiles began its journey in Indonesia by opening its first ever shop in Pekayon, Bekasi. This age of pandemic inspired a special zeal in us to extend our business venture. Do we have to stop trying because of the Covid-19 pandemic?” 

“Precisely in this time we should continue to try and struggle, especially in keeping our health, and the opportunity in the modern business of building material outlet is currently having a positive growth due to current trend in doing indoor activities which drives the desire to do all sorts of building stuff to improve the condition of the house. Therefore, we are ready to provide a solution for the best building material and ceramic to 2,9 millions of people in Bekasi and nearby areas as well as more than 120 property development works.” 

“Furthermore, Trix explained that the company’s vision is to bring a one-stop center concept for building material and ceramic from Malaysia to Indonesia to provide a shopping experience in the convenience of modern lifestyle and the latest product presentation which are both of quality and affordable. Still in the spirit of business expansion, the company is planning to open another shop this year located also in Bekasi.”

Meanwhile, Senior Operations Manager of PT Sumber Setia Kreasi, Syaiful Bahri pointed out that the competition in the field of building material and ceramic retail market in Jabodetabek is quite challenging. 

In that respect, we adopted a business strategy which provides the best service for our customers, giving competitive prices especially for ceramic products, and negotiable price. Other than that we also provide consultation service and free 3D design service for customer’s home ceramic installment, as well as, of course, fast product delivery.

Super Ceramic Tiles (HomeStyle Centre) outlet which is now in operation is located strategically at Jalan Raya Pekayon No. 1, Pekayon Jaya, Kota Bekasi, occupying an area of 1,600 square meter and a parking area of 1,000 square meter.

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