Likupang, the Hidden Pearl of North Sulawesi

Have you heard of Likupang? Lies on the northernmost region of Indonesia and is part of North Sulawesi province, Likupang has a lot of astounding surprises like the pearls of the ocean with its amazing natural attractions.

The Likupang Beach, one of the most amazing beaches in Indonesia with the translucent waters once get a lot of attentions from locals as well as the World Wildlife Fund with the discovery of a green turtle in the area convincing that the marine ecosystem of this coast is still well preserved.

The typical beaches of this coastal area showcasing soft white sand, calm blue seawater and green rolling hills.

A wide selection of activities that can be done here with most favourites are snorkelling, diving and trekking. Fishing will be more exciting here as we can do even almost without tools like locals do.

Just barehandedly dig the mud among the mangrove to find small shrimps, hook it on a nylon line without rod and throw in the water, fishes are that easy to be caught.

Likupang area is populated by Sangir Talaud ethnic from archipelagic districts of Sitaro, Sangihe and Talaud islands carrying the Minahasan culture.

Their unique customs are other charms of this area like the aged tradition of mapalus represent a deep value in communal society, an interesting cultural heritage of work together whenever the community member has a need of planting or harvesting the field, wedding party and most specially when experiences a misfortune.

The colourful folklore also depicted in their traditional dance called maengket performed to celebrate the harvesting time, a harmonious and unified simple movement impressing a solid togetherness.

While for highlight spots, some beaches and islands are outstanding offering stunning scenic vistas and great opportunities for snorkelling or beach leisure.

Bahoi ecotourism is a coastal village notable for the mangrove forests, brilliantly coral reefs and colourful fishes. Take a walk along the wooden bridge through the forest and enjoy the play with white sand, to see various coral reefs and colourful fishes.

While Pulisan Hill is one of the spots with best view from the top of beautiful savanna encompass the bright coloured beaches forming adorable small peninsulas.

Paal Beach has extensive soft white sand and turquoise blue water in a bay with many shades from the trees. Enjoy the serenity with bright sun and delightful scenery of green hills while relaxing under the gazebos or have some fun crossing the ocean surface by speedboat

Gangga Island is probably the most known island worldwide as the paradise for divers with fascinating underwater world and exotic resorts and also the dreamy panorama during sunrise and sunset.

Lihaga, a small uninhabited island circled by pure white stretch of sand fused with breath-taking crystalline blue sea, an absolute dreamed of tropical destination.

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