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Ready, Set, Go! 4 Things You Need to Know to Make a Seamless Journey on Matchmaking Platform

They said that there’s plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to finding a lifetime partner. However, sometimes it is complicated to find the right one since we have some criteria or simply we don’t have time to go deeper. As technology is evolving, it is also shaping the way we connect with each other that it is now effortless to meet someone new through the internet.

Online matchmaking apps are also providing people who are looking for a committed relationship a way to update their marital status, such as Hawaya.

Hawaya was founded in 2017 by Sameh Saleh in Egypt. He built the app to help his sister go through a pleasant, comfortable, and safe journey towards marriage through the platform. As Hawaya is expanding across European, Northern America and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, the app provides a path to connect Indonesian Muslims finding their lifetime love with the convenient matchmaking apps. Not only just an app, here in Indonesia,

Hawaya released a program called #SistersinHearts that consists of a panel of experts to help single Muslim solve their love problems. The first session invited Ria Ricis as a host and dr. Ratna Mardiati, an adult psychiatrist, to share their perspective of love and challenges single Muslims face when it comes to building relationships. #SistersinHearts provides solutions for single Muslims to create a meaningful journey to find a lifetime partner.

Here are the four things you need to know to make your journey seamless on matchmaking platform:

Know your objective and their intention

You have to know your objective before jumping in the matchmaking apps. It is important so that you can choose the suitable apps based on your goals. There are many reasons why people use online matchmaking apps in the first place, either to find a boyfriend/girlfriend, just friend, or a lifetime partner. Besides, you also have to know yourselves and your criteria to set the standard since there’s a lot of options there. That being said, you also have to ensure their intention before going deeper.

According to a survey by Hawaya (2020) involving Indonesian Muslim women and men between 20-40 years old as respondents, 93% Indonesian women respondents are open to use matchmaking apps to find their lifetime partner. 87% of respondents also said that they are hoping to find someone with the same religion and is aligned with their parents’ expectations.

Develop a good profile

Matchmaking platforms are changing the way we feel about love when it comes to building a serious relationship. For instance, people that want to have a long-term relationship should be honest about their short description. It shows their characteristics and their profile could reflect how serious they are. Moreover, it is also describing their hobby, passion, and characteristic that can be a topic for a long time. You can also pick the best and a clear picture of you to make a genuine first impression. It is advisable to be confident with your own picture to build trust with each other.

In Hawaya, your privacy and security is much valued since Hawaya focuses on creating sincere apps for its members. When signing up, it authenticates all new members using a ‘selfie

verification’ system that works with a highly developed technological infrastructure to prevent the creation of fake profiles.

Choose your topic wisely

A great conversation at the start can lead you to a more meaningful journey. Drive the conversation in a real and smooth way and do not rush things to enjoy every moment. Find some topic that you find interesting. Be yourself. It’s important because you want someone that you can share many things with everynight before bedStart it with impersonal questions to fetch you a response.

Then, you can talk about things that matter to your life to see if he/she is interested. Based on dr. Ratna, our partner reflects who we are and our fate changes when we are eager to change. Therefore, it is important to communicate politely. Pay attention and see how they respond, then we will know where the wind is blowing. We better leave if they give us careless responses.

Hawaya also has helpful tools to facilitate a more fruitful conversation – engaging icebreakers, and personalised conversation starters. Another unique feature of the app is the “Exclusive Mode”, for when users have decided that they would like to be exclusive. This disables any other ongoing conversations for both users.

Ensure that everything is on track

Just because you got a match, it doesn’t mean you have to start a relationship at the same time. After all, it’s important to know whether the two of you are good together or not. Before getting into a relationship, you need to give each other some time. This will make you able to understand each other. Once you are sure that the person is good and someone you can trust, you can make a move to the next step.

According to dr. Ratna, it is advisable to have a third-party opinion from people that understand us, either from our friends or our family. This way will provide us another perspective about the person. Within the Hawaya app, it has a security function “Guardian”, which allows users to involve a trusted person, such as a friend or family member, in the communication while getting to know their match. Hawaya also offers female users the option of initially displaying profile pictures out of focus.

Committed relationship is not a pain if you know your worth. Start #carijodohwithhawaya for your lifetime partner now. Download Hawaya on the AppStore on Apple devices and Google Play Store on Android devices. For more information, visit hawaya.com or Instagram @hawaya_app.

About Hawaya

Hawaya is a Cairo-based app that approaches mobile matchmaking with respect for local traditions and cultures. The app was founded in April 2017 by four Egyptian entrepreneurs — Sameh Saleh, Shaymaa Ali, Tamer Saleh, and Aly Khaled — who wanted to use technology to enhance the matchmaking process in a traditionally accepted manner.

Hawaya has quickly grown in popularity and facilitated thousands of marriages in Egypt and around the world. It is currently available in Canada, France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

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