2019 Sustainability Report

Multi Bintang Indonesia Shares Ambition to be a Leading Company in Sustainability in Indonesia

Multi Bintang Indonesia, the producer of the iconic Bir Bintang and Heineken in Indonesia, shares its bold steps and progress to be a frontrunner in sustainability in Indonesia with the launch of its 2019 Sustainability Report. Today, half of the energy used in its production facilities is renewable and Multi Bintang aims to reach 100% by 2025 as its effort to reduce carbon footprint.

As the oldest brewer in Indonesia, throughout its journey Multi Bintang learns about growing in an ever-changing environment, and climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times. The company is committed to continuously contributing to creating a brighter and greener future for the people and the planet, through its “Brewing a Better World” sustainability strategy, which revolves around partnerships and collaboration with employees, communities and stakeholders.

“For nine decades, we have been brewing and serving Indonesia’s iconic Bir Bintang. We are always committed to serving the highest quality products to our consumers while we always put people and planet at the heart of our company. Therefore, we set bold targets for ourselves in our sustainability journey and strive to really make an impact,” said Ika Noviera, Corporate Affairs Director of Multi Bintang Indonesia.

With the theme of “Brewing a Limitless Tomorrow”, the 2019 Sustainability Report reflects how the company integrates all business activities and collaborates with key stakeholders across different initiatives. The report highlights the progress and achievements of Multi Bintang in critical focus areas as its efforts to establish a holistic sustainable value chain:

Carbon Emission Reduction:

  • Multi Bintang’s accelerated ambition of 100% renewable energy use in production, insupport of the Indonesian government’s ambition to reach 23% renewable energy by 2025.
  • Achievement of 97.34% returned and reused packaging (bottles, cans and kegs) and 98%recycled byproducts (spent grain, sludge, rice husk ashes).

Water Resource Protection:

  • Water is one of beer’s key ingredients. That’s why every drop matters and it’s our duty to safeguard water. Through the Integrated Restoration Watershed Based Management program in partnership with Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara, we aimed to protect and restore Cisadane watershed to achieve 100% water replenishment target. Through reforestation, we restored 35 million liters annually or equivalent to the water consumption of 350,000 people per day.
  • Launch of a three-year water restoration program called River2River Journey, meant to increase awareness among the community about the declining quality of water resources due to river pollution caused by domestic waste.

Growing with Communities by Advocating Responsible Waste Management:

  •  Launch of “Sungai Watch” program in collaboration with Make a Change World in Bali, introducing a responsible waste management culture in tourism areas to stop domestic waste from polluting the rivers and eventually the ocean.
  • Expansion of waste bank units from 234 units in 2018 to 273 units as of December 2019, spread across 18 districts in Mojokerto Regency in East Java and Tangerang City in Banten.

Responsible Consumption:

  • We believe our products should be enjoyed responsibly, and it is important to create a positive environment for consumers. We engage our customers, like bars and restaurants, to advocate responsible consumption by providing outlets and their employees with trainings.
  • At the same time, we also offer more choices of non-alcoholic beverages to consumers.

In the same year, Multi Bintang was honored to have received the Sustainable Business Awards 2019, Special Recognition on Workforce category. The award serves as a symbol of acknowledgment of Multi Bintang’s contribution in promoting inclusion and diversity in the company.

“Multi Bintang is always driven to make things better now, and for generations to come. Throughout our 88-year journey in Indonesia, we believe that everything we have accomplished would not have been possible if we did it alone. Together with the communities, government as well as society at large, we can help build a brighter and greener Indonesia,” closed Ika.

The 2019 Sustainability Report and more detailed information about the company’s policies, progress and other stories are available on Multi Bintang’s website multibintang.co.id/en/sustainability.

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