The Living Room By Octave Institute

A Leading Urban Wellness Center in China Offers Customized Holistic Wellness and Learning Program

As we move further into the 21st century and a new era of consciousness and wellbeing, OCTAVE Institute in Shanghai has identified the need for a place in which community can develop, connect, support, share and grow to overcome the challenges of urban living including sustainability, globalization, and a myriad of technological developments in this new era.

Focusing on holistic wellness, OCTAVE Institute is a lifestyle platform of curated wellbeing that delivers a new path to awakening and a heightened consciousness, with the aim of becoming one with ourselves, each other and the environment.

A Leading Urban Wellness Center in China

A comprehensive urban wellness center, THE LIVING ROOM by OCTAVE Institute is an oasis of calm and well-being, designed to counter the fast-paced rhythm of modern life. Located in the heart of the old French Concession in Shanghai, THE LIVING ROOM is an urban wellness center in China and offers bespoke well-being programs, workshops and focused group classes all rooted in the underlying principle of mindfulness. The THOUGHT FOR FOOD restaurant celebrates mindful eating, the role food plays in our lives, and the fundamental relationship we have with food which nurtures our minds, bodies and spirit.

Holistic Wellness and Learning Programs for Mindful Living

THE LIVING ROOM has designed a series of unique well-being programs, constructed around four key pillars: renew, reskill, reframe and rewire with the goal to provide a holistic solution to improve and maintain physical and mental health. Each program is built upon the foundation and combination of many disciplines, including physiotherapy, fitness, yoga, Pilates, rehabilitation, nutrition, TCM, wellness coaching and life coaching. These practices fuse ancient healing wisdom with modern science to support guests’ journey to self-clarity and well-being.

Workshops and Educational Classes: The six key habits of life

A series of Workshops and Educational Classes at THE LIVING ROOM are conducted by an expert professional team and rooted in the six key habits of life: movement, sleeping, breathing, eating, thinking and spiritual practice, each designed to support guests to embrace a mindful way of living and daily habits. Reopened in June, all programs are announced on THE LIVING ROOM’s regular WeChat posts in advance and can be attended separately. A one-year membership at RMB 18,000 is also available for guests and all Group Well-being Classes on THE LIVING ROOM’s schedule are included. Customized wellness plans for groups or 1:1 individual wellness workshops, classes and F&B are available to be tailored to specific individuals’ needs and goals.

SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute

As an extension to THE LIVING ROOM in Shanghai, SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute provides customized holistic wellness and learning programs rooted in mindfulness and offering a holistic wellness journey. SANGHA Retreat situated in Suzhou is an integrated and immersive wellbeing sanctuary that combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the latest Western scientific research.

The recently launched Immunity Boost Program aim to meet the urgent need for emotional processing and regeneration in the aftermath of Covid-19. Combining the power of touch, a cleansing diet, and natural elements, the programs help to rejuvenate and realign mind, body and energetic spirit at their deepest level. 

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