Personalised Travel with Aman by Private Jet

Recent global events have revealed the true privilege that is freedom of movement and the choice to go wherever the whim takes you. The Aman Private Jet and Aman Jet Expeditions, in partnership with Remote Lands, allow the fullest expression of this – the independence of exploratory travel – offering uncurtailed access in privacy and comfort to the world’s remotest, most beautiful destinations and the Aman sanctuaries that call them home.

It is a simple truth that far flung destinations are often the most naturally pristine and culturally intact. It is in these spaces that Aman has shaped its retreats as culturally integrated sanctuaries not just for guests, but for staff and neighbouring communities. From the lofty peaks of Bhutan to the legendary reefs of Indonesia’s Flores Sea, Aman relishes making these destinations accessible to its guests without the imposition of external schedules and time constraints.

The Aman Private Jet

The Aman Private Jet, a Bombadier Global 5000, is one of the most luxurious and spacious personal aircrafts, offering guests the ability to move about the world at their own pace. Whether jetting to one or multiple Aman properties or for use between non-Aman destinations, the possibilities for bespoke journeys anywhere in the world are endless. Passengers can leave every detail to the Aman Jet Concierge, who will ensure that each journey is an all-encompassing start-to-finish immersion in the Aman way of life.

Every flight is tailored to the tastes, desires and itineraries of those on board – a maximum of 12 passengers – with flexible departure times and seamless check-in and customs clearance overseen by a team of Aman experts. Before departure, menus are personalised to each passenger’s tastes.

The Aman Private Jet promises a restful flight, and constan, high-speed Wifi. Other unique Aman touches include a tea ceremony and amenities from the brand’s all-natural range of products, Aman Skincare.

Aman Jet Journeys

Aboard the Aman Private Jet, a number of new single destination European journeys are currently available from London to Amanzoe in Greece, Amanruya in Turkey and, Amanjena in Morocco and Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, all with flexible travel dates. Multi-destination Jet Journeys are also available with flexible travel dates and departure locations. These currently include Bali & BeyondThe Secrets of ChinaFrom the Himalayas to the Sea and the four, six- or nine-night Indochina Past & Present.

Bali & Beyond offers passengers the chance to build a bespoke Indonesian itinerary including up to five Aman destinations. These include Aman’s trio of Balinese retreats – Amandari, Amankila and Aman Villas at Nusa Dua – as well as Amanjiwo overlooking Borobudur in Central Java’s spiritual heartland, and the private-island paradise of Moyo in the Flores Sea. This is an unparalleled opportunity to experience the cultural, spiritual and natural diversity of the spectacular archipelago.

Indochina Past & Present takes in the ancient culture and timeless scenery of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam – an enticing proposition for anyone curious to explore Southeast Asia. With their proximity to the historic city of Luang Prabang in Laos, Cambodia’s temples of Angkor and Vietnam’s coastal Nui Chua National Park respectively, Amantaka, Amansara and Amanoi are uniquely placed to enable this incredible private journey.

Each journey includes private tours of key cultural sites plus a host of exclusive privileges at every resort. These range from bespoke spa treatments and traditional blessing ceremonies, to unique culinary and cultural experiences.

Aman Jet Expeditions in partnership with Remote Lands

Aman also offers several inspirational guided private Jet Expeditions in partnership with Remote Lands. Led by an experienced guide, these fixed-date adventures take place on an Airbus ACJ 318 and can accommodate 16 guests. Visiting up to nine different countries, staying in an Aman property in each destination, upcoming trips include Kyoto to Greece (16 April – 2 May 2021), Bali to Luang Prabang (9-24 May 2021) and Venice to Utah (16 February – 1 March 2021). The expeditions range from 14 to 21 days and include a selection of personalised guided experiences.

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