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As the world reopens, Aman is pleased to be welcoming guests back to Amanjiwo from the 19th June 2020. With breathtaking views over Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Amanjiwo is a timeless sanctuary situated in Indonesia’s Central Java fulfilling the desire for seclusion, wellness and for authentic private dining experiences.

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Amanjiwo welcomes guests to experience serenity and privacy in a beautiful setting of stand-alone suites, including the ultra-private two-bedroom Dalem Jiwo Suite that allows families and loved ones to reconnect in an unforgettable space. The suites are set between the peaks of Menoreh Hills and the historical Borobudur which inspired the design of the resort with the domed roof, colonnades and walls built of local blush-beige paras stone.

Renowned for its signature experiences, Amanjiwo offers fitness excursions and wellness activities, with physical, mental and spiritual well-being more central than ever, with activities including scenic cycle rides and treks to the nearby Menoreh Hills, Mount Sindoro or Mount Sumbing where guests can enjoy the less-trodden paths of the area. The well-loved temperate trek through picturesque Selogriyo takes guests into the stunning Javanese rice terraces, a classic landscape of Java. At the conclusion of the trek, a small and isolated 8th century Hindu temple awaits, with stunning views overlooking a verdant green valley.

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Guests are also invited to explore the region’s historic, artistic and cultural highlights with Amanjiwo’s resident anthropologist, Patrick Vanhoebrouck. Amanjiwo began the collaboration with Patrick Vanhoebrouck in 2014 and welcomed him as a fulltime member of the Amanjiwo team in early 2020. With an extensive background in history and anthropology and having spent the last 10 years living in Java, Patrick provides detailed lectures about Borobudur and Prambanan, and educates guests on Javanese spirituality, historical dynasties, esoteric literature, traditional performances and spiritual experiences. He also provides guided spiritual tours and ritual meditations around Central Java’s 8th–10th century archaeological sites as well as local healer consultations, full Moon Ceremonies and Javanese Wellness Packages at the resort.

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The tour is designed as a mini pilgrimage covering three to four sites with the desired outcome of finding mental peace within, purification of mind-body energies and connections with divine ancestral energies. Amajiwo has curated several itineraries which cater to guests’ specific interests. From cleansing at the sacred cave Goa Kiskendo in the Menoreh Hills with its hermitage sites, to the Candi Prambanan Shivaist site and its string of neighbouring Bodhisattva temples to demonstrate the importance of the ancestral Shiva-Buddha Tantra path. The participants will be guided and assisted through a series of ritual offerings and contemplative meditations with the expert assistance of Pak Sugeng, a contemporary Shiva-Buddha Tantric priest and mystic. 

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In traditional Nusantara communities, especially in Java and Bali, ’tolak balak’ is part of a spiritual rite. ‘Balak’, known as a destructive force of evil, can be neutralised through this ritual, which includes mantras, meditation and jamu (local herbal elixr). During a 90-minute session, which focuses on protection and purification, guests are introduced to a variety of ancient Javanese philosophies and techniques. Beginning with the recitation of mantras, energy is invoked, and the mind is focused. Through a series of breathing techniques, the mind is reconnected with the spiritual body and guided into meditation, where the guest relaxes into deep introspection. The ritual finishes with a sampling of jamu, the local herbal elixirs made from medicinal plants, offering the guest the chance to reinforce his or her immune system to fight off physiological threats, such as disease and pollution. A beautiful insight into local traditions, the Tolak Balak Javanese Cleansing Ritual leaves guests with a sense of purity, lightness and energy.

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Throughout 2020, Amanjiwo will be offering the Ancient Wisdom of Java Retreat. Inspired by the rich heritage of Javanese healing traditions and ceremonies, Amanjiwo offers this three-night retreat with the aim of helping guests feel more connected to the destination. The retreat includes a session with a Javanese healer, lectures on Javanese spirituality led by Patrick Vanhoebrouck, the resort’s resident anthropologist, and a visit to the historical site of Borobudur at sunrise, which is renowned for being an enlightening and magical experience. For those seeking higher and deeper contemplation, the retreat’s Semedi meditation session comprises of a series of ancient exercises to calm and focus the mind, complemented by treatments at the spa including a Javanese Pijat deep-tissue massage and Aman Signature Massage Ritual.


With a variety of picturesque and secluded settings, the team at Amanjiwo have created a series of   new private dining experiences With exquisite and healthy dishes, locally sourced with fresh seasonal ingredients including those from the resort’s own organic garden, the team have created memorable private dining experiences while guests get used to being in the company of others.


Set on the banks of the Progo River, Amanjiwo guests have the opportunity to enjoy stunning views and absorb the energy of the watercourse. The proximity to the banyu  (‘water element’ in Javanese) creates tranquillity and allows guests to recharge and find balance. Early risers can enjoy a tasty breakfast picnic in the cool of the morning, while late risers can savour a delicious lunch.

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 Set in the privacy of the Dalem Jiwo Suite (subject to availability), a butler will escort guests to the rotunda lounge to begin an evening of traditional dance, music and cuisine. Decorated with rose petals and candles, the air is perfumed with sandalwood incense. The Ramayana Ballet tells the story of the romance of Prince Rama and his wife Sita, representing the triumph of good over evil. The performance is accompanied by a Royal Javanese Feast, inspired by dishes served at the Kraton, the Sultan’s palace in Yogyakarta.


Amanjiwo’s Gubuk Sawah, a small bale in the rice fields, is perfect for special occasions or those looking to enjoy a peaceful moment and a private dinner. Guests are invited to arrive early to watch the sun turns the horizon pink. Once the day turns to evening, the candlelit dinner begins – a traditional Indonesian meal cooked in clay pots over charcoal stoves adjacent to the Sawah. Music from a private gamelan player adds extra magic to a serene evening.

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